Saturday, July 28, 2012


DON'T TROUBLE ME!  This is what Paul is saying in Galatians 6:17, and with good reason.  He says:  "From henceforth let no man trouble me:  for I bear in my body the marks of the LORD Jesus."  His scars were the sign of His sincerity and sacrifice for the cause of Christ.  Today, we don't have scars on our backs, but upon our souls.  Anyone in ministry very long, has those scars.  Those deep cuts by someone who at one time was a faithful, loving member.  They liked our ministry at one time, but something changed.... in them.  We kept on the same, but they changed and now we are the object of their insults, not affection.  But, since they wound the soul, they are not as visable as those underneath the garments that Paul wore.  I'm not sure which he dreaded more, the hurt on his back or the hurt of his soul, but he had both.  So, having had to defend his apostleship again in Galatians as he did to the Corinthians, he simple closes with this admonition.... "let no man trouble me".  He had the marks on his back if you really wanted to see that proved he was who he said he was.  Be a friend to your pastor.  Lighten his load however possible.  He has been wounded many times, very deeply, but you cannot see beyond the smile he wears..... he wears that for you, and others!

Pastor Mike Mutchler
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