Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Book of Matthew

It's a beautiful Sunday morning and I'm on my second cup of coffee.  It was foggy this morning but the fog has lifted and a beautiful clear, sunny day awaits us.  I'm thrilled it's Sunday!  I love going to church and meeting God's people.  I love the singing, the teaching, and even the preaching (I get to do that!).  This morning I read the book of Matthew.  It has 28 chapters in the book, but I know I'm short two days in February so I want to read ahead whenever I can.  Usually 20 chapters a day will get you through the Bible in 60 days,  so I am short one in February, but… this year is Leap Year, and I get one day added to February!  Great! 
So many good things in Matthew.  I noticed first off in the genealogies of Joseph in chapter one, that four women are mentioned that changed the world.  They were all four women who had many sad things in their lives, and yet they were used to bring forth the Messiah.  I know this genealogy is for Joseph, but Mary is of the same lineage.  You may notice that their names are different, but remember that the names in the New Testament are Greek spellings for a Hebrew names in the Old Testament.  (Did you know that?)
I enjoy the beatitudes that Jesus gives us.  It shows how different Jesus and this world thinks.  By the way, Jesus is right!  So many good things I cannot comment on them all, but I was again struck by Jesus saying a few times that if we did something for others, it was like doing it for Him.  If we do something for the least of these children, it was like doing something for Jesus.  Wow!!  Makes me want to do more for others and thus do more for Christ.  We end Matthew with the resurrection and the great commission.  I'm so glad we have a risen Savior, and we ought to be sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ each and every week of our lives.  May God use us to faithfully share the gospel.  I'm going to get one more cup of coffee and this go to Church.  Hope to see you there this morning!    … Pastor Mike Mutchler

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