Wednesday, May 28, 2008

PSALMS 73-92

It's Wednesday morning and I'm in Millington, Tennessee visiting with my parents.  I finally slept enough to get over getting two hours of sleep Sunday night and spending almost 10 hours in the Denver airport on Monday.  Yesterday I was so tired because I didn't sleep well Monday, and that was two days on little sleep, but I slept good last night and I feel great today! 

I'm reading in Psalms again, but I do spend a week reading the Psalms since they have 150 chapters.  Here are a few highlights in reading Psalms 73 through 92. 

1) Ps. 73- David spends this chapter telling how he was almost gone because he got envious of the wicked.  He tells how they seem to prosper until he went into the house of God and clearly saw their end.  He was going through a tough time in life but he ends the chapter with verse 28 that says: "But it is good for me to draw near to God."  His trials are what cause him to draw near to the Lord.  This is also what Ps. 77:2 is saying when it says: "In the day of my trouble I sought the LORD".  Trouble causes us to pray more!  I wish we would pray as we ought when we are not in trouble, but it seems the Lord knows what will cause us to pray more.  Talk to God more today.  Spend time with Him in prayer even though you might not have many troubles right now.  Pray!

2) CHURCH GREETER- Ps. 84:10 "I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness."  David loved church!  He loved the house of God and so should we.  He would rather be a church greeter, standing at the door shaking hands with all who came in than to be a wealthy man dwelling in wickedness.  I hope you love church.  I know there are no perfect churches, but they sure are a blessing to me.  I love my church dearly and the wonderful people who attend there make it so wonderful.  I also sense God's presence there in the services.  I think David felt the same way!

3) UNDER THE SHADOW OF HIS WINGS- As you read through Psalms you will find quite often the phrase: "Under the shadow of His wings" or "under the shadow of the Almighty" (as in Ps. 91:1)  Here it says "He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty."  Here we see that as God covers the tabernacle and temple with the cloud that covered by day and the pillar of fire by night, that it represented God's presence. When we go to the church we need to know that God seeks to cover that place with his presence.  We are under His wings.  Vs. 4 of that same chapter says: "under his wings shalt thou trust."  Here we see the shadow of His wings again.  As a believer, we are the temple, and where ever we go, we are under the shadow of the Almighty!!  Isn't that wonderful!! 

     Well, that's all for today.  May God richly bless you and yours!  Pastor Mike Mutchler

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