Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Today, I'm reading in Joshua and Judges.  Here are a few of the many items I marked in my Bible:
1) HOW LONG?  Joshua asked the people in Josh. 18:3 "How long are ye slack to go to possess the land, which the LORD God of your fathers hath given you?"  I'm sure the LORD asks of us sometimes: "How long?"  He has given us a wonderful, expansive Christian Life, and we too often do not possess very much of it.  The Bibles says: Eph 3:18  "May be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height;"  God wants to to know the total dimensions of His love.  How long?
2) THE LAND IS DIVIDED, THE BOUNDARIES ARE SET- Chapters 19 divides up the land and tells what the boundaries of each tribe are and the cities in their possession.
3) CITIES OF REFUGE- In chapter 20 these are spelled out.  If someone was killed accidentally, they could flee to one of these cities until a trial was had to keep themselves safe from the angry relatives and friends of the deceased.  They were safe until the trial (judgment) or until the death of the high priest (at which time they must go home).  We are safe in God's city of refuge having trusted Christ as our Savior and we are safe until the judgment seat of Christ and our high priest "ever liveth" for us!!  Praise God for our refuge!!
4) GOD KEEPS HIS WORD- Joshua 21:45 says: "There failed not aught of any good thing which the LORD had spoken unto the house of Israel; all came to pass."  God always keeps His word, and we can depend upon that!
5) THE JUDGES- The book of Judges is about judges.  These "judges" ruled Israel for certain years and brought deliverance to the Israelites from one enemy or another.  They usually were judges for a few tribes of Israel, not the nation as a whole, because they were divided until their first king (Saul).  They conquered their lands, but did not drive out the people and because of that it influenced them to stray from God and worship idols so God's judgment came upon them.  There were 13 judges in all.  Othniel, Joshua's grandson was the first; Ehud #2; Shamgar #3 (only one verse about him); Deborah #4 (yes, a woman); Gideon #5 (we know his story); Abimelech #6 (he killed all but one of Gideon's children); Tola #7 (2 verses about him); Jair #8 (3 verses about him); Jephthah #9 (made a rash vow that cost him his daughter's life); Ibzan #10 (3 verses); Elon #11 (2 verses); Abdon #12 (3 verses); and Samson #13 (the last.  Samson the strong man with the vow of the Nazarite.)  These are the judges in the book of Judges!
6. PHURAH- Judges 7:10 says: "If thou fear to go down, go thou with Phurah thy servant"  God told this to Gideon.  He was afraid to go down to the mighty host of the Midianites, but God said to take his servant with him to abate his fears.  I like so many men of God, have some faithful "Phurahs".  Faithful men who stand with me as I lead our church to serve God.  Gideon later found that the 300 men he had were all like "Phurah".  Faithful and rock solid.  It says in Judges 7:21 "And they stood every man in his place".  This is the secret to greatness.... have faithful men who stand with you like Phurah did Gideon.  Thank you men that have stood with me all these many years and so many others who have joined them.  Stand by your preacher whoever he might be.  He is fearful too.... but your presence quiets his fears and allows him to go forward for God! 
Blessings upon you today!  To all of the Veterans out there:  We owe you... we honor you...may you be blessed!  To those who gave their lives for us... let us remember them on this day!  God bless.... Pastor Mike Mutchler
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