Thursday, April 10, 2008

Just a few thoughts from Ezekiel

This morning, I got a later start than normal.  I have a busy schedule and I did my reading later in the morning.  I read Ezekiel 10-29.  Here are just a few thoughts for today:

1) Ezek. 12:3- "it may be…"   God told Ezekiel to move his household in the middle of the day and to break a hole in his house in order to move the things out.  Then in broad daylight, he was to carry away his goods to another place.  He was to carry the possessions upon his shoulders even until the twilight.  The idea was that God had told Judah that they would be doing the same thing as they went to Babylon, but they did not believe.  God told Ezekiel to do this and said:  "It may be they will consider though they be a rebellious house."  As we live our lives for Christ, "it may be" that some are taking notice and become open to the Gospel.  "It may be" that God is using our lives sometimes, without our even knowing it.  I hope we will live our lives, like "it may" make a difference!!

2) Ezek. 13:10 "untempered mortar"  Untempered mortar is mortar that does not have the ability to withhold moisture.  When mortar is "tempered", it has an ingredient added that makes it waterproof.  That way when the rain hits the brick, it does not penetrate the mortar that holds the bricks together.  If that happens, the mortar will crumble and the bricks wall will fall.  God is saying that Judah have build their nation on things that will not stand the test of judgment raining down on them.  We need to be sure that our hope is in Jesus, and not ourselves.  We are like "untempered mortar" and we are not strong enough to make it by ourselves.  We need Christ!! 

Well, that's all I have time for today.  See you tomorrow with much more to say.  Pastor Mike Mutchler 

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