Saturday, May 3, 2008

Joseph and Israel in Egypt

In reading the last ten chapters of Genesis, and the first ten in Exodus, we deal with Joseph raised to power in Egypt and the Israelites in servitude and then delivered by God using Moses to lead them.  Notice a few thoughts:

1) YOU FIRST - In Gen. 41:43 Joseph is being made a ruler over all the land of Egypt, and as he rides in a chariot, everyone is told to "Bow the knee".  But in reality, it all began with Joseph bowing to the will of God for his life first.  We always have to bow first before we are put into a position of leadership.  This world gets it all wrong.  They want Power, but Leadership is servant hood in it's highest form.  We bow to the will of God and then others bow to our will as we serve our God.  It is always "You First"!

2) REUBEN AND JUDAH  In Gen. 42:22 Reuben reminded his brethren that the blood of Joseph is the reason they are having such trouble in Egypt with this new ruler over the grain, and when they have to go back for more food, it is Reuben that speaks up to his father Israel and tells him in 42:37 "slay my two sons, if I bring him not to thee".  Wow!  Great speeches... BUT, when they stand before Joseph and Joseph wants to take Benjamin captive... Reuben is silent (Gen. 49:4- "unstable as water, thou shalt not excel"; but JUDAH speaks up!  Judah who sold Joseph into slavery in the first place speaks up.  In Gen. 44:14 he bows before Joseph, in 44:16 he speaks for his brethren, and in 44:33 he says:  "I pray thee, let thy servant abide instead of the lad a bondsman to my lord".  He says:  "Take me instead!"  Wow!  No wonder God uses Judah.

3) One last comment before I go to the Men's Prayer Breakfast on Saturday morning.  (15 minutes away).  LEAH- Leah was not the one well favored, but God favored her.  She was the mother of Judah, the linage through which Christ would come, and she was the one buried with Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebekah, and to be buried with Jacob (Israel) in Machpelah.  The cave that Abraham first bought to bury Sarah in.  This is where Leah was laid to rest, not Rachel.  Rachel was beautiful, but Leah was solid..... take your pick!!

Have a great day, tomorrow I'll share more from Exodus as well.  Pastor Mike Mutchler 

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