Friday, July 3, 2009

Gen 41-Exodus 10

In reading in Genesis to Exodus, we get the life and trials of Joseph and then the call and beginning ministry of Moses.  Here are a few thoughts found in these twenty chapters:

1) REGARD NOT YOUR STUFF- This advice was given to Jacob by Joseph.  He sent wagons to bring the people, but he said "regard not your stuff for the good of all the land of Egypt is yours."  Gen. 45:20.   That is still good advice.... "regard not your stuff".  We love our "stuff" too much and it should not have that big of value in our lives.  We need to realize that stuff is just stuff!  People, relationships, these things mean so much more!  Let us take heed to Joseph's good advice.

2) TRUTH WINS OUT- In Gen. 46, Joseph coaches his father Jacob.  He said that Pharaoh will ask you "What is your occupation?"  and when he does, tell him that your trade has been "about cattle from our youth"  because "every Shepherd is an abomination unto the Egyptians."   But when Pharaoh asks about their occupation in chapter 47:3, here is what Jacob said:  "Thy servants, are Shepherds both we, and also our fathers."  Jacob wasn't going to lie for anyone, not even his newly found son Joseph that he loved so dearly.  When we lie, we cheapen the truth!  Buy the truth and sell it not! 

3) TIME IS A TOOL FOR GOD- In Exodus 2:23 it says:  "And it came to pass in process of time..."  Notice that phrase: "in process of time".  God orchestrated His plan for the children of Israel to set Moses up as the leader and to deliver His chosen people, but it all occurred in process of time.... 430 years!!   But, time is a tool for God.... He uses time to change our hearts, change human circumstance, change leadership in the world, change situations, and .... on and on we could go.... God uses time!  So, what is our response?  Wait patiently for the LORD to work out His will in our lives, according to His timetable!  It is in His hands, let us wait patiently for the Lord and just keep serving Him with a smile!  It is His delight to love us and bless us.... let us delight in waiting for our LORD's perfect timing!

Well, so much to write and so little time.   (be patient)  I will see you tomorrow!
Pastor Mike Mutchler
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