Thursday, March 31, 2011


Today is Thursday. I enjoyed teaching through the book of Joshua last night at Church. What a blessing it was. I enjoy so much our "Walk Through The Bible" on Wednesday evening. I'm in Matthew again today, and here are some items to share. I have had my first cup of coffee, and I'm getting ready to get my second. By the time I've had three cups of coffee, breakfast is complete!

1) ME FIRST, OR FOLLOW ME-- That's a decision to make. In Matt. 8:21 a certain scribe said "Lord, suffer me first to go and bury my father." Notice the phrase "me first". Christ's plan was different. In verse 22, Jesus said: "Follow me". If we are first then Christ is following us throughout life for He is "with us always". But, if we are to follow Jesus, then that means He is the one leading, not ourselves. Let us decide to "follow" instead of "leading" in life when it comes to our relationship with Christ.
2) PREACHING GROWS!! In Matt. 9:35, Jesus is preaching and teaching... In Matt. 10:7 Jesus sends the twelve out preaching and teaching... Later, Jesus sends out the seventy preaching and teaching.... and in chapter 28 in the great commission, we are all told to go out preaching and teaching till we reach the world!
3) WE LEARN BEST BY LABOR- Matt. 11:29 "Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me". A yoke was not for looks, it was for labor. Jesus is saying if you want to learn about Christ, you need to labor with Him and for Him. Absolutely nothing is as effective as serving God as a means of learning about God. Bible Study and Prayer are the academics, and truly necessary, but an incomplete education in the things of God unless we serve Christ. "Study to shew thyself approved as workman..." Learn by Labor, learn to labor.
4) WHOSE CHRIST'S FAMILY? In Matt. 12: 48-50, Jesus said that His brother, and sister, and mother is those who will do the will of my Father which is in heaven. Christ has a special relationship with all who do the will of God. How do we "do" the will of God? By "believing on His Son, Jesus Christ"!!
5) EARS TO HEAR- Matt. 13:16 "But blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear." We need eyes to see and ears that hear the Word of the LORD. We need to see God working all around us and throughout our world, and we need ears to hear as He speaks to us through His Word, by his Spirit, and through His servants. Lord, I'm listening, and I'm watching for YOU today!
6) THREE THINGS: Matt. 16: 24 tells us that IF any man will come after Christ, there are three things to do: "deny himself", "take up his cross", and "follow me". These three are necessary to be a loyal follower of Jesus Christ. We deny ourselves by putting Him first! We take up our cross by putting His mission first! We follow Him by staying a close second behind Him. These three things will make for a great disciple of Christ.
7) JESUS ONLY- At the Mt. of Transfiguration, the disciples saw Moses and Elijah and Jesus talking. They wanted to build a tabernacle for each one of them and upon hearing that, the Lord called back Moses and Elijah so that the disciples saw Jesus only! (Matt. 17:8) We need to see all of God's blessings, but look through them to see Jesus only as the one worthy of our praise and worship. Jesus only will meet our needs and answer our prayers. Lord, help us to be focused only on YOU and in the midst of this busy world help us to see JESUS ONLY!!

Thank you for joining with me today. Have a blessed day dear friend! Pastor Mike Mutchler

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