Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Matthew starts off with the linage of Joseph, from Abraham.  In this genealogy, there are five women mention that changed the world.  They are:  Thamar, the daughter in law of Judah, who bore twins from her father-in-law, Judah (yes, messed up, but in the linage of Jesus!); Then Rachab (we know her best as Rahab the harlot in the book of Joshua, who hid the two spies in the city of Jericho.); then Ruth (the moabite woman whose husband died and then married Boaz, the great grandfather of David the King of Israel); then "her that had been the wife of Urias"  (this is Bathsheba, who was married to Uriah and that David had an affair with and to whom Solomon was born.); and Mary (this is the mother of Jesus, a God fearing, virgin young lady engaged to Joseph).  Now, of these five.... four would be considered "fallen women" or "heathen women",.... and yet... here they are being used of God.  What is God telling us?  That we all have hope of being not only loved by God, but used by Him!!
Here is another thought:  Why are the names spelled different in the New Testament?  Well, that is because it was written in Greek instead of Hebrew like the Old Testament.  Mike in English would be Miguel in Spanish.  But... they both mean:  Mike!  So... simple reason and that's it!
In Matthew 16:18, Jesus makes a statement found in an important verse:  "I will build my church".  Jesus is in the "church building" business and well as in the "soul saving" business.  Jesus said that He would be the church builder... we are to labor to share the Gospel and love, preach, teach, and minister to all who attend, but Jesus will build His church out of the materials at hand.  Don't try to "build a church"... try to be faithful and serve all whom God gives us an opportunity to serve!  May God richly bless you today!
Pastor Mike Mutchler

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