Monday, March 23, 2009


We had a wonderful day yesterday at Church!  It was such a blessing.  Morning and evening we enjoyed ourselves wonderfully.  The evening service as an ordination service for four of our young staff men.  It took the whole service and so many of our members told how it blessed their hearts.  We heard testimonies from the men and their wives.  Their family members had flown in to be with them, and the whole church was supportive and happy for them.  It was such a blessing!  God has given us an awesome Church and amazing people. 

Today, I'm in Job, and here is a few thoughts:

1) THE CHOICE IS YOURS- In Job 16:2, Job calls his friends "miserable comforters".  In verse 4, Job says: "I also could speak as ye do"....but he does not wish to ever speak that way so in verse 5 he says: "But I would strengthen you with my mouth, and the moving of my lips should assuage your grief."  Job is being accused by his "friends" as being the cause of the wrath of God falling upon him, and yet Job says, if this had happened to you, I would speak comforting words to you and I would strengthen you, not tear you down when you are drowning in grief.  We have the same choice!  Do we tear down someone when bad things come into their lives. (like saying... "I expected that!" ;  "It was just a matter of time..." ; etc.)  or... Do we say things like:  "Let's pray for them."  "I want you to know I'm here if you need me and that I'm praying for you."  "How can I help you?"  The choice is ours and I hope as Christians, we decide to act like Job when others around us are hurting.
2) DON'T WAIT! - In Job 17:13 we are reminded why we should not procrastinate.  We should not put off things but start doing things right away.  The verse says: "If I wait, the grave is mine house."  Why wait until we are dead?  Do right now what you know is right to do.  Do right now what you know is best to do.  Don't wait... or the grave will be your dwelling place.
3) GOD WANTS TO STRENGTHEN US- In Job 23:6, one of my favorite verses in the book of Job is found.  It says:  "Will he plead against me with his great power?  No; but he would put strength in me."  God does not want to weaken us, but strengthen us!  We must know that!  Even when we are facing hard times, we must by faith know that God will empower us, and desires to do just that!  Wait on the Lord... and He shall strengthen thine heart! 

I hope you have a blessed day today.  Wait on the Lord.  Encourage others.  Listen to His voice.  Go forward with God!   Pastor Mike Mutchler
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