Wednesday, August 26, 2009


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Southwest Airlines Confirmation Number(s)
Passenger Type Confirmation Number Passenger Account Number Disability Assistance
Adult N2CIIV JAMES MUTCHLER 00000099110126 - None Entered -
 Air Itinerary
 Trip   Date   Day   Stops   Routing   Flight   Routing Details
  Depart   Sep 09 Wed Nonstop PDX-SMF 2254 Depart Portland (PDX) at 11:15 AM
Arrive in Sacramento (SMF) at 12:45 PM
  Return   Sep 11 Fri Nonstop SMF-PDX 855 Depart Sacramento (SMF) at 2:25 PM
Arrive in Portland (PDX) at 3:50 PM
Trip Routing Type of Fare Base Fare U.S.
PFC Security
Passenger(s) Total
Adult Depart PDX-SMF Wanna Get Away $45.58 $7.02 $4.50 $2.50 1 $59.60
Return SMF-PDX Wanna Get Away $80.93 $9.67 $4.50 $2.50 1 $97.60
  Total $126.51 $16.69 $9.00 $5.00   $157.20
1 Security Fee is the government-imposed September 11th Security Fee.
Billing Information
Credit Card Holder Name: J MIKE MUTCHLER
Billing Address: 14877 S. LELAND RD.
Confirmation Number: N2CIIV
Passenger Type: Adult
Passenger Name(s): JAMES MUTCHLER
Form of Payment: Visa: XXXXXXXXXXXX1951 $157.20
Total Air Base Fare U.S.
PFC Security
Passenger(s) Total
$126.51 $16.69 $9.00 $5.00 1 $157.20
1 Security Fee is the government-imposed September 11th Security Fee.
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Please visit Travel Tools, where you can subscribe to Flight Status Messaging or find Policies, Travel Tips, and other Tools to manage your reservation. For your convenience, you are now able to check flight information using our automated phone service by calling 1-888-SWA-TRIP.

Snack Service
If your flight segment is less than 600 miles in length, you will be served peanuts/pretzels. On nonstop flight segments that are 601 to 1270 miles long, you will be served a packaged snack appropriate to the time of day for your travel. On flights longer than 1271 miles, a travel snack box will be served. Southwest Airlines does not serve sandwiches or meals; however, you may bring something to eat onboard.

  • Southwest Airlines Ticketless Travel is nontransferable. Government-issued photo identification is required at time of checkin.
  • Customer Checkin Requirement:
    Flights Operated by Southwest Airlines - Customers who do not claim their reservations at the departure gate desk at least ten (10) minutes before scheduled departure time for flights operated by Southwest Airlines will have their reserved space cancelled and will not be eligible for denied boarding compensation.
  • Refunds - Any change to this itinerary may result in a fare increase. To make application for a refund of any unused air fare, please write Southwest Airlines Refunds Department - 6RF, P.O. Box 36611, Dallas, TX 75235-1611. Refund requests must include a copy of this document and/or your confirmation number, date of travel and flight number, and all credit card billing information including the amount and purchase reference numbers.


Southwest Airlines Co. - Notice of Incorporated Terms - Air transportation operated by Southwest Airlines is subject to Southwest Airlines' Passenger Contract of Carriage, the terms of which are incorporated by reference. Incorporated terms include but are not limited to: (1) Limits on liability for loss, damage to, or delayed delivery of passenger baggage, including fragile, perishable, and certain other irreplaceable and/or high-value goods or contents, as specified in Article 75 of the Contract of Carriage. Baggage liability for covered items (except disability assistive devices) is limited to $3,000 per fare-paying Customer unless excess valuation coverage is purchased. (2) Claims restrictions, including timeperiods in which Customers must file a claim or bring an action against Southwest. (3) Our rights to change terms of the Contract. (4) Rules on reservations, checkin times, refusal to carry, and smoking. (5) Our rights and limits of liability for delay or failure to perform service, including schedule changes, substitution of alternate air carriers or aircraft, and rerouting. (6) Overbooking: If we deny you boarding due to an oversale and you have obtained your boarding pass and are present and available for boarding in the departure gate area at least ten minutes before scheduled departure, with few exceptions, we compensate you.

You may inspect Southwest's Contract of Carriage and Customer Service Commitment at any Southwest ticket counter or online at, or obtain a copy by sending a request to: Southwest Airlines, V.P. Customer Relations, PO Box 36647, Dallas, TX 75235-1647. Note: When traveling on any flight operated by another carrier, that operating carrier's contract of carriage applies.

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II Cor., Galatians, Ephesians

It is already Wednesday!  The week is flying by.  I slept well last night for the first night since the Philippines!  Got at least six hours of sleep.  Praises!  Here are the thoughts I have today in these scriptures:

TRUTH- II Cor. 13:8 says:  "For we can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth."  The idea is that truth cannot be damaged.  People attempt to alter it, change it, deny it, substitute it, but for all their efforts..... it remains unchanged!  You see, truth remains like the anvil hit upon by many hammers.  The hammers are destroyed, but the anvil remains!  BUT, it can be helped by sharing it.  It has the power and sustainability, but we can share the truth of God's Word to others.  We can promote the truth by speaking it and even more importantly, by living it.  Do something for truth today.... live what you know!

PAUL'S TIME LINE- Galatians gives us more insight into the ministry of the apostle Paul and the time line of his ministry.  In chapter one, Paul states that the gospel he preaches is not "after man", but "by revelation of Jesus Christ".  He goes on to say that after Salvation he went to Arabia and then to Damascus, and it was three years before he went to Jerusalem, and then he only saw Peter and James the Lord's brother.  He was totally unknown to the churches in Judaea, except by reputation as a persecutor of the church and now a preacher of the Gospel.  Then in chapter 2:1, "Then fourteen years after I went up again to Jerusalem with Barnabas, and took Titus with me also."  Now this is when he would be commissioned to be sent out from the church to be a missionary (Acts 13).  So, Paul was no novice when he started these missionary journeys.  He no doubt was a man about 35 or older when he was saved, and now you add at least 17 years to that to come up with 52 years of age to begin his missionary journey!  Wow!!  I guess it is even more of a miracle when you understand this!  Don't let your age prevent you from serving God!

WE ARE A BUILDING- Eph. 2:22 says:  "In whom ye also are builded together for an habitation of God through the Spirit."  We are the building that the Holy Spirit chooses to live within.  Let us be mindful to make our building as pleasant for the Holy Spirit as possible without "grieving" him in our lives each day.  We are God's building and let us enjoy His presence today!

Well, so much for today.  Have a blessed day in the LORD!!  Dr. Mike Mutchler, Pastor 
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