Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I & II Corinthians

I have enjoyed the last few days with a tour group from Hyles-Anderson College.  It is a wonderful college and has produced some of the finest Christian workers there are anywhere.  Stuart Mason and his dear family have been traveling with the seven girls that make up the singing group.  One of our own girls, Whitney Adler, is in the tour group and it was a blessing to have her home.  It reminds me of how Heaven will be getting to fellowship with new people and learning to love them.  They left this morning, for John Day, Oregon for a service tonight, but we had them Saturday through Tuesday and showed them a good time and tried our best to spoil them.  I think we accomplished that.  It is always a good think to be a blessing to others!

Well, today, I read in I and II Corinthians.  Here are a few gems that jumped out at me:

1) DON'T OFFEND-  In I Cor. 8:13 Paul says he will eat no meat if it causes his brother to be offended.  Personal liberties should stop when they personally offend a brother.  Don't let our good be evil spoken of, much less our liberties!!  I have often wondered: "Can't we all just get along?"  With the immaturity of believers, we have hurt feelings and offenses.  Offenses will come the Bible says, but our task is to avoid being the source of those offenses.  Better to be defrauded that to be of fences.  If we are the one offended, God will help us through it, but when we offend, now we have a mess we should clean up.  Don't spill the milk and you don't need to mop the floor!! (spiritual advice)

2) HELP IN UNDERSTANDING YOUR HUSBAND- Yes, I can give you some biblical help in understanding your husband.  Here it is:  I Cor. 11:9- "Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man."   My husband lives like he takes me for granted.  Ever heard that?  Ever thought that?  Well, part of it is that man was not created to fellowship with woman, he was created to fellowship with God.  Now ladies, before you get upset, may I say that if a man will fellowship with God, he will be thoughtful of his wife and kind and loving.  Man's problem is basically that he does not fellowship with God as he was created to do and that leads to his miss treatment of his wife and family.  He neglects his wife, because he neglects his fellowship with God.  But ladies, at his best.... his world was not made to center around his wife.  A wife's world was made to center around her husband, she was made for him.  (uniquely made for the man you married)

3) I AM WHAT I AM- I Cor. 15:10 tells us: "But by the grace of God I am what I am:"  We are not self made individuals, we are made by the grace of God and should praise Him for any accomplishments we have achieved!!  To God be the glory should be our theme!

4) SAY:  I LOVE YOU!! - I Cor. 16:24, says:  "My love be with you all in Christ Jesus. Amen."  I have never noticed this verse before!!  I started years ago telling my people I love them and all along here was the scriptural example of Paul at the very end of the book.  Let people know you love them.  Tell your mate, your children, your grandchildren, your friends, your fellow church members, let the whole world know!!  I love you!

5) GIVE AND BE HAPPY!!  II Cor. 9:7 says: "God loveth a cheerful giver."  The word "cheerful" means "hilarious".  We should be happy givers!!

Well, I'll end with that.  So much more I could say, but the day is pressing on.  A beautiful and a hot day will be ours to enjoy.  May God richly bless!!

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