Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Master, Is it I?

Today is July 3rd.  It is Tuesday.  I'm looking forward to the day and have several things all planned out.  Then Tomorrow is July 4th and what a day of celebration it will be for our country!  Looking forward to that, and then the 5th, we will be going on vacation.  For two weeks, I will not be able to blog.  So, just a day more and we will be without internet as we travel on vacation.  Here is the thought for today:

MASTER, IS IT I?  What a dumb question Judas asks Christ in Matthew 26:25.  Jesus answers:  "Thou hast said."  Did Judas really not believe that Jesus was God?  He sat where the others sat, and yet... he missed it all.  He really wasn't expecting Jesus to know all things.  He asks the question like other disciples are asking and thinks he can blend in the crowd in that upper room.  "Master, is it I?"  Well, I'm looking at you Judas, you dipped the sop just like I said, you got the money in your pocket, your the one with the face flushed, who do you think I'm talking about?  Yes, your the one!!  Have you ever prayed:  "Lord, it there is anything in my life that would hinder...."  What a dumb question!  Don't you know?  It's it painfully plain what our failures and sins are?  Do we have to ask so brazenly, "Have I done anything, LORD?"  Dah...
Why not just be open and honest and truthful with God.  My how things could have changed had Judas said:  "Lord, I'm who you are talking about.  I ashamed to say, I did it.  LORD, I betrayed you for 30 lousy pieces of silver and I'm so ashamed and dirty.  LORD, please forgive me.  They are going to be coming for you soon, let's get into hiding.  I'll meet them myself and tell them you've gone... I'll pay the consequences.  I'm so sorry LORD, please, please forgive me.  Now... how do you think the LORD would have responded?  That's alright Judas, I forgive you, it was all a part of the bigger plan, but I'm so glad to see you are repentant.  You are forgiven Judas, just like I'll soon forgive Peter.  I love you Judas, I always have!  Let us get over this:  "Master, is it I?"  syndrome.... please!!

Hope you are being honest with God.  Have a blessed day!  Pastor Mike Mutchler
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