Monday, August 31, 2009


Today is the last day of August, the 31st.  On my sixty day reading schedule, I have one extra day when there is a month with 31 days such as this month.  So, allow me to share a little. 

What a wonderful day we had yesterday.  The church was full and many decisions for Christ were made.  Twenty in the English service, five in the Teen Service, five in the Spanish service, and five in the Korean service.  That was thirty-five decisions to accept Jesus Christ as ones personal Savior!  Wow!  What a great God we serve.  I teach a class of new people to Grand View, called:  The Grand View Connection.  It is an eleven week course that informs them of:  The Pastor & his family; The call of God that brought them to Oregon; The Starting of Grand View Baptist Church; The highlights of our 25 year history; Our beliefs; Practices; Ministries and Programs; Leadership (Staff and Deacons); Facilities; and a few more.  The last class, we just walk around the buildings and show them what is going on during Sunday School in all of the buildings.  It is a great course for new people to get to know our church and it's pastor very quickly.  I started with eleven three weeks ago, and yesterday I had twenty-two in class.  I will usually end the class with twenty-five to thirty, and then two months later will begin the class again.  I try to do it three times in one year.  It has been very successful in putting people into our Adult Sunday School classes and our Church. 
Last evening we had a talent and testimony night!  We did this many years ago in the Carpenter's Hall when we were renting and only a few years old.  Sometimes, we neglect the things that worked when we were just a young church so a year ago, we started doing them again about three times a year, and they are hugely successful.  The testimonies are incredible!  The talent is so so sometimes, but at least anyone gets to do something who wants to.  But the testimonies don't want to stop once they get started and are so important to a church to hear what God is doing in others lives. 
After the service, my wife and I went to eat with some of our college age students and enjoyed being with about twenty young men and women.  It was a blessing and I bought several of their meals to help some out.  What a blessing to be with good young people. 
Here is one Bible truth for today:  Eccl. 5:8 "for he that is higher than the highest regardeth;"  This verse is talking about corrupt people who oppress the poor or pervert judgment and justice.  It says not to let it trouble you, because.... "he that is higher than the highest regardeth;"  God sees!  and God will deal with it in His own good time.  We cannot fix every injustice, but God ultimately will!  Let us rest in that fact!  Will not the judge of all the earth do right?  Yes, He will!  Don't worry about the transgressors or let them trouble you..... God sees them clearly.... God will deal with them.  Don't hate them or allow them to get you bitter.... pity them.  The LORD of Heaven will deal with them..... pity them.  They don't know WHO they are offending.  Well, you have a blessed day.  Tomorrow, I'm in Genesis again.  Thank you for allowing me to ramble and share the blessings of the LORD!!

Pastor Mike Mutchler
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