Monday, March 3, 2008


The last ten chapters of Genesis and the first ten chapters of Exodus are about two great individuals.  Joseph was sold into slavery and yet in the last ten chapters of Genesis he is raised up to a position of leadership and power in the land of Egypt, so that he is only under Pharoah.  The Bible tells us that Pharoah had a dream and God used Joseph to reveal the dream and to plan for the future famine with the years of abundance.  "It's feast or famine".  This phrase comes from what took place in Egypt.  The Bible says that the famine would affect all the lands around, and thus God used Joseph and his planning to spare more lives than anyone in recorded history!!  Imagine how many people would have died with a seven year famine IF Joseph had not aggressively stored the grain until it was without number.  Wow!  God always has a plan and it is always amazing to see how God unveils His plan.  Genesis ends with Joseph telling his brethern, "ye meant it for evil, but God meant it unto good, to save much people alive".  God's plan always supercedes our comfort.  (for 13 years Joseph was in servatude or prison)  Let us wait on God to reveal His master plan and live obediently while we are waiting!  In Exodus, we see Moses.  Moses means "drawn from the water".  As a baby he was put into a little ark made of wood and placed in the waters of the river Nile.  He was seen and adopted by Pharoah's daughter and even weaned by his own mother!  God was in control.  We see Moses growing up, rejected by his own brethern, living in the wilderness, called by God out of the burning bush, and standing before Pharoah saying:  "Let My People Go!".  We also see some of the 10 plagues that came upon the land of Egypt.  In chapter 12, tomorrow, we will see the last one that sets them free.  (the death of the firstborn males in Egypt of man and beast).  Moses is the greatest man in the Old Testament.  His life and influence extend for thousands of years unto this very day!  Just a man living with disappointments and disallusionments until God starts using him.  Aren't we the same way?  We are just mortal men and women with all of our limitations but God can do a great work through us IF we will let Him.  Well, my coffee is getting cold.  May God bless and see you tomorrow!  Pastor Mike Mutchler 

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