Saturday, September 5, 2009


For several chapters in Leviticus, it goes through the laws of leprosy.  It tells us what is unclean and clean.  When a person has leprosy, when they do not.  When they are healed of leprosy, and what to do when they are healed.  These laws would be well if other nations followed them as well.  In the Philippines this year, we went to a leper colony.  We saw the effects of leprosy unhand and close.  We had a surgeon lady who worked their tell us about how it spread.  It is an airborne disease, and it takes up to ten years to show itself, and by the time it does, you have already affected the people you love the most.  It is like sin, it takes a while to show it's destruction, but then affects those closest around us for the worse.  We need to live for God and exalt righteousness as the answer, not our sin.  Here are some pictures:

Pastor Mike Mutchler
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