Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tabernacle and Offerings

I've got another cup of hot coffee by my side, and I've going to write some while it cools just a little and then drink a cup of coffee.  I just finished the last ten chapters of Exodus and the first ten of Leviticus.  In a nutshell, the last ten chapters of Exodus deals with the tabernacle and it's construction.  It started by God's people bringing the goods to build it.  A "willing" offering was made and the people were so "willing" that in Exodus 36:6,7, Moses had to tell the people to stop bringing things because they had sufficient for the all of the work to make it, "and too much".  Wow!!  That would make a Baptist pastor's heart stop.  Too much??  We try so hard to do as much for Christ as we can with so little, imagine what we could do for Christ with too much!  The tabernacle, this temple in a tent, is finished and the glory of God fills the place.  Chapter forty tells us that when the cloud by day over the tabernacle moved, the children of Israel packed up and moved as well, and when it stayed, they stayed.  It also says if the pillar of fire by night that hovered over the tabernacle moved at night, then the children of Israel packed their belongings and moved as well.  The idea is this:  Only move with God!!  In the New Testament, here is the difference... instead of moving with God, God (indwelling us) moves with us!  I hope today we are asking Him directions about where He wants us to go today.  In Leviticus, we have the offerings given in detail.  The burnt offering, the meat offering, the sin offering, the trespass offering, and the peace offering are described and instructions are given for each one.  It is interesting that in the sin offering, you had to lay your hands upon the head of the offering while it was slain and it's blood used for your sin offering.  The idea is identifying with the death of the lamb.  It mean, you deserved what was happening to this lamb slain for your sins.  Faith in Jesus Christ identifies us with His death, burial, and resurrection.  We are saved by faith in what Jesus did for us.  I'm glad I'm identified with Christ!!  Well, my coffee is just right, see you tomorrow as I finish up Leviticus.     Pastor Mike Mutchler

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