Sunday, March 4, 2012


Today is Sunday!  I love Sundays!  The weather is beautiful outside and it is rare that we have had such a beautiful day so far this year, and especially on Sunday.  I'm going to enjoy it.  Today, I have a truth found in Judges 7.  The message is:  Are You Small Enough to Bless? 

Gideon has been called in chapter 6 to fight against the Midianites whom they have been bondage to.  Now, in chapter 7, he has to come up with an army.  He makes the call and 32,000 show up.  Wow!  Still outnumbered greatly but at least an army.  But, God says it is too many and asks Gideon to tell all who are afraid to go home.  and 22,000 of them walked!  Now left with only 10,000 men, God says it is still too much.  So the obstacle course is ran and those who lapped like a dog were on one side and those who plunged in and drank on the other.  God choose the lappers who numbered only 300!  Less than one in a hundred with what Gideon started with.  But, as you know God used them to win the battle in an unusual way.  The thought is this:  Are You Small Enough To Bless?  God had to whittle their numbers down before He would bless them.  Are we too proud to bless?  Are we too big in our own sight for God to use us?  Do we really think we are somebody?  It is only when we are small in our own eyes that we become candidates for God's blessings.  Our "biggness" negates God's blessings.  Dear friend, let us walk humbly before God and realize we are small and in need of God's great blessings.  Stay small, and let God bless!!

Have a great day dear friend!  Pastor Mike Mutchler
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