Monday, May 19, 2008


I'm on my first cup of coffee.  The sun was shining brightly this morning, so when I got up it was earlier than the coffee was set, so I started it and started reading.  I read the 20 chapters before I got my first cup, so I have it here beside me while I type a little.  I started in I Chron. 12 and read to II Chron. 2, and there was so many things I circles, put a box around, wrote in the margin, that I could not even begin to write about them.  I want to share a few thoughts about the Word I read:

1) I Chronicles 12 tells where the men came from that were "among the mighty men, helpers of the war".  (vs.1) It lists the tribes by name and the number of men who came and enlisted in David's army.  They had captains of 1,000's and captains of 100's.  It says of the children of Issachar, that they "had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do:" (vs. 32)  I like this... I hope to be a man of understanding of God's timing, and know what to do.  We need God's wisdom to do this.  In verse 33, the men of Zebulum are discussed, and it says they were "expert in war" and "which could keep rank, they were not of double heart."  Boy, there a sermon all over that verse.  Keeping rank means they knew their place in battle and kept it, and not of double heart means that when the war was engaged, they had no thought of running away and breaking the line of battle.  Whatever the outcome, they were going to stand their ground!!  Wow!!  Imagine what the church could do today if we had men and women and teenagers who would stand their ground for Christ and not have a heart to turn back!!  This is a great chapter.

2) BRINGING THE ARK OF GOD TO JERUSALEM ON A NEW CART (ch. 13)  Doing a Right Thing the Wrong Way!!  Enough said!

3) Chapter 16  Sing (vs.9); Seek (vs. 11); and Give (vs. 28,29)  These three things popped out at me today.  A good outline to preach.  This chapter is a song of David after bringing the ark of God to Jerusalem, and he tells the children of Israel to "Sing unto him, sing psalms unto him",  and then "Seek the LORD and his strength, seek his face continually", and then "Give unto the LORD...give unto the LORD glory and strength.  Give unto the LORD the gory due unto his name:  bring an offering, and come before him:"  Sing, Seek, and Give!!  I think that will still work today!

4) MORE GIANTS TO CONQUER!  I Chron. chapter 20 tells us of Goliaths brothers and sons having to be defeated as well.  Every generation has it's own set of giants to battle.  We had better have that mindset.

5) WILLING TO GIVE AND TO WORK!  When David prepared to build the temple, he found that the people were willing to give to the work, and ready to work in the work.  What a wonderful combination.  It mentions who the people were willing eight times in chapter 29, verses 5,6,9,14, and 17.  Eight times in five verses "willing" is mentioned!!  We need more willing workers today as well!

6) I'LL TAKE WISDOM!  That is what Solomon asked for in II Chron. 1:10.  He was granted that plus riches, wealth, and honor because he asked for wisdom.  That's great!

Well, so much for today.  It's Monday morning, and there is a lot to accomplish this week.  May God's blessings rest upon you and yours.  Pastor Mike Mutchler

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