Sunday, May 25, 2008


It's Sunday!!  Praise God for Sunday!!  I love Church and I'm getting to go there real soon.  Let me share first with you what I noticed as I read the end of Job and the first 13 chapters of Psalms. 

1) Job 40:9 "Hast thou an arm like God?"  This was asked Job by God, and of course, the answer is NO!  But the reason the question is asked is to get Job to realize that until he is as wise and strong as God, he should not question God's actions.  God has reasons we cannot understand, and can do things we never would have thought possible.  Job for all purposes, thought his life was over...  who would have thought he would live another 140 years, and have twice as much in possessions and have 10 more children and have 3 beautiful daughters, and see his children's children's children, to the fourth generation? No one would have thought that... so you see when you think your life is over, it's not!

2) NOW MINE EYE SEETH THEE.  This is what Job said in chapter 42:5.  He said I heard with my ears, but now mine eye seeth thee.  The blessings of affliction!  We don't want them but we learn so much by them.  Let us just vow to learn from all that comes our way in life, for all of it has been filtered by the hand of God.

3) Selah- Three times in chapter three of Psalms we see this word and throughout the Psalms we find it.  It means:  Think on this.  Some say it was a term with music, like a rest stop to contemplate what was said.  Anyway, the idea is to think or meditate on what was just said.  God feels it is important to think about His word, and so we should.

4) DON'T DIG PITS  In Psalms 7:15, it says:  "He made a pit, and digged it, and is fallen into the ditch which he made."  In Proverbs, it says:  "He that diggeth a pit, shall surely fall into it."  Don't dig pits!  A pit was a trap for someone else, but the idea is that if you with malice in your heart set traps for others, you will be the one who gets trapped!  Don't do that.  When people hurt you, cheat you, lie about you, just walk on.... just live your life without a second thought about their deeds.  You will then not be affected by what they do and your continued life will negate all the bad they have said anyway.  Don't let bitterness get you into the pit digging business, it is a risky business to be in because it always traps you!!

Well, it's Sunday!!  Hope you have a blessed day at Church, I'm looking forward to it!  Maybe I'll see you there!   Dr. Mike Mutchler, Pastor 

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