Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I spent the night in Detroit, Michigan last night and this morning I will catch a flight to Lexington, KY.  My flight was canceled that would take me to Lexington last night and the airlines put me up in a Best Western hotel and in a little while, I will catch a shuttle to the Airport to try again to get to Lexington.  It was 8 degrees last night as I stood outside waiting for a hotel shuttle.  It took about 20 minutes and I was cold!  Give me Oregon!

I've read the last 10 chapters of Genesis and the first 10 chapters of Exodus and I wish I had a day just to write on the things that spoke to my heart today.  Here is just two or three however:

1) TYPE OF CHRIST- Joseph is a type of Christ in many ways.  Rejected and later exalted.  Sacrificed (sold) and later Saves (forgives them) his brethren.  But here is another:  He saved more people's lives than any man in history but our Savior.  Because God used him to tell the dream, the whole world was saved by his saving up the grain in the first seven prosperous years!  The whole world came to buy grain the Bible says.  Imagine how many lives were saved that would have been lost with seven years of famine.  The whole population would have died off, but were saved!  Now, here is the irony of it all, ...God used him to save the very one who had sold him into slavery!  Judah.  Now Judah has grown in the Lord and God has changed him.  He was the one who sold Joseph into slavery (his idea anyway)(Gen. 37:26); but the incident with Tamar has apparently broken him.  He now sees things from another prospective.  When Reuben tells Jacob that his sons will be surety for Benjamin, Jacob does not listen to him.  Neither did his brethren many years ago. (Gen. 42:22)  But when Judah speaks, Jacob listens and agrees.  Later, we see that Judah argues with Joseph to take his life instead of Benjamin.  Now, Joseph knows that he has changed and that his brethren are worth saving.  Now he sees.  Joseph and Judah are a vital part of the last ten chapters of Genesis. 

2) So many thoughts I wish I could write, but here is one that really spoke to my heart this morning:  HE SAW HE SAW -  In Exodus 3:4, it says:  "And when the LORD saw that he turned aside to see, God called unto him out of the midst of the bush, and said, Moses, Moses.  And he said, Hear am I."  When God saw that Moses saw the bush and went to it, God spoke to him.  Here is the thought.  God is working all around us, and He is still looking to see if someone is watching.  He is seeing to see if someone is seeing!  I thought as I read my Bible this morning, that God was seeing to see if I was seeing!  God was hoping that someone would turn aside to see the Word of God this morning.  I thought as I was reading the precious Word of God early this morning, that the eyes of God were upon me to see me see.  Wow!!  Thank you Jesus!  Hope God saw you seeing this morning too! 
Have a wonderful day and I'm off to the airport!   Pastor Mike Mutchler
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