Thursday, May 22, 2008


I hope you have had a cup of coffee this morning yourself.  I'm going to be enjoying mine.  I had a great time last night at church, what a blessing.  I enjoyed it all.  Afterward I met with 44 people about a special outreach and it was a blessing to see so many desire to be a part of reaching more people with the gospel!  I'm blessed!

I'm reading in Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther.  These are great book and have so much history and spiritual lessons.  Here are a few lessons it teaches on:

1) WHAT REVIVAL ACCOMPLISHES  In Ezra 9:8,9, we see Ezra talking about the Jews and revival.  Vs. 8 says: "give us a little reviving" and vs. 9 says: "to give us a reviving" and then it goes on to say what this would accomplish: a. God's house would become a priority again, b. Rebuilding lives becomes a priority, and c. Putting up walls of separation becomes a priority.  (see it in verse 9)

2) NEHEMIAH 4:14 says "remember the LORD" .  What a great challenge!  Whenever you are faced with difficulties in life, "remember the LORD".  Whenever you are blessed and prone to thinking highly of yourself, "remember the LORD".  Whenever you stray from the right path, "remember the LORD".  What a great challenge!

3) NEHEMIAH 8:1 says "bring the book of the law of Moses".  When in doubt, "bring the book"!  The book has the answers!  The Bible, God's Holy Word.  After the walls were built in 52 days, now the work of getting Jerusalem worshiping God correctly is started and it all starts by having a preacher "bring the book"!   I'm so glad that God has called me to preach His Holy Word, and I have the joy and honor each week to "bring the book" and preach it's truths.  Later in chapter 8, the priest were told to: Read it; Read it out loud distinctly; and Read it and cause the people to understand it.  Sounds like preaching to me!

4) Esther 4:16 "If I perish, I perish".  Esther told Mordecai to gather the Jews together, have them fast and pray for three days, and then she would go into the king unannounced with her request, and if the King would extend the scepter she would live and if not she would be killed for entering the king's presence unannounced and without an appointment.  But she said she would go and plead for the lives of her people and if she perished, she would just perish.  Here we see a lady with courage and conviction, and it is great to see!  It should challenge us all to have that same dedication to the things of the LORD. 


Well, so much for today, I'll pick up in chapter 5 tomorrow.  Have a blessed day!!  May God richly bless!!   Pastor Mike Mutchler

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