Saturday, June 6, 2009


We just spent two nights in the bush.... back in the bush.... way back.  Little paths lead to the villages.  We preached in schools in the middle of no where and saw 1036 saved!  I then preached four times in the village church.  Sunday I will preach in a national church, and then another church in the afternoon.  It will be a full schedule, but all is going well.  It was hot in the day and cold at night.  You would love the people and getting to see them saved!  They are hungry for the gospel.  You would enjoy a missions trip here.  It was a long road in bad shape for much of it, and three rode in the back of a short bed pick up with luggage and supplies standing three feet over the roof.  Two laymen came along from Bro. Mike Ray's church and he and his wife.  They preached and saw many saved, I saw about 280 saved myself.  Mrs. Ray wept when she said goodbye.  They fell in love with her and she took pictures of all of them I think.  There was no water in the village, but we had bottled water.  No facilities... but bushes.... a plenty!  Ant hills were 15 feet high, and the last night the natives sung all night long!  We started preaching at 7:00pm and we yankees ended at 1:00am and they kept it going singing very loud all night long.  About 150 of them.  Some came on a flat bed truck that held 60 and they were nearly frozen when they arrived some 4 hours later!  Wow... it must have been around 40 degrees at night and 90 during the day... the tent was a sauna!  I have many pictures, but dial up and pictures don't go well together.  I'm sure some are more tech savy and could do it, but not this preacher.  Miss my dear wife and children.  I also miss the dear people that call me pastor.  May God bless you and Love you sweetheart!  I will talk some more later.  I just finished a shower, (three days of grime!), will eat, and then off to the Falls and Bible clubs with the children!  It will be another full day!  Tell you about it later.   Pastor Mike Mutchler
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