Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Today is September 1st and I'm starting through the Bible again.  People ask me at church where I get my sermons, and it is just reading through Scripture, and then praying about what the Holy Spirit wants me to do.  I don't know if I always connect, but when I do, it's all His doing. 

Genesis is the book of beginnings.  It is a great book that covers over 2,500 years of History.  From creation to the flood is about 2,000 years; from the flood to the birth of Christ is about 2,000 years; and from the birth of Christ to today is about 2,000 years!  Six thousand years of history.  When asked about the world being older remember that God created a mature world!  It was not "baby trees, baby rocks, baby lakes, baby animals, or baby humans".  He created them mature!  So a tree looked over a hundred years old, a rock looked thousands of years old, and such and so on.  Good point to remember!

1. WHERE ART THOU?  This is the question God asked Adam in that garden in Gen. 3:9.  God could ask us that same question.... where are we .... in our relationship with Him... in our involvement in the world.... in our involvement in our church..... in our love for our mate and children.... so many other things God could address when He asks us this same question.  What would your answers be?

2. AM I MY BROTHER'S KEEPER?  This is the question that Cain asked God in Gen. 4:9.  We act as if we ask God that question all of the time.  We know we are to be at Church for others, but we wonder "am I my brother's keeper?"  We know we should witness to others, but "am I my brother's keeper?"  Cain was sluffing off his responsibility, and all too often.... I find myself guilty of the same thing.  It is wrong to think this way, but my flesh often thinks it.  Lord, help me to realize that I am indeed "my brother's keeper", and he is mine.

3. IS ANYTHING TOO HARD FOR THE LORD?  This is the question that the LORD asked of Abraham in Gen. 18:14.  The obvious answer is "NO"!  Nothing is too hard for God, but like Abraham, we too need to be reminded from time to time that God can work in our "impossible" situations!  God can do that... and we just need to trust Him for the outcome!  Hope you will today in your life. 

Hope you have a blessed day in the LORD.  Walk with God today like Enoch.  Pastor Mike Mutchler

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