Sunday, May 11, 2008


It's Sunday Morning, and Mother's Day!!  Two very special days.  I love every Sunday, and I love Mother's Day to think of our moms and the love we have for them.  Hope this is a blessed day for you and yours!


I'm on my second cup of coffee and I just finished reading Joshua.  I started in Deut. 31 and read through Joshua 24.  (that's 28 chapters)  I will point out just a few thoughts this morning.  I see so many things to discuss and I'm now being careful to pick out just a few thoughts so I don't type out an essay, but just a few thoughts.  Here they are:

1) The Song of Moses-  After the Red Sea, we find a Song of Moses, but now we find another one.  Here God told Moses in Deut. 31:19 to write out the words to a song and teach it to the children of Israel.  Then the song is mentioned in chapter 32, and finished in verse 44.  Maybe this is the "Song of Moses" that was sung in the book of Revelation.

2) Moses my servant is dead.  Josh. 1:2, describes Moses as God's servant.  Nothing is greater than serving other.  We serve God by serving others.  Never get so big you cannot stoop down to help out, and be a blessing to someone.  I can serve others, wait on others, minister to others, and in doing so, receive the greatest blessings!!  It is a greater blessing to serve than to be served!

3) Red Sea, and now the River Jordan.  Yes, in Josh. chapter 4, God parts the River Jordan while at flood stage for the people of Israel to walk across.  He does this to put the fear of God in the hearts of the inhabitants of Canaan.  It works too!

4) THREE STEPS TO SIN.  Achan sinned against God by taking things from Jericho and the Israelites paid for it at AI.  Achan said in Josh 7:21, I saw, I coveted, and I took!  That is the three steps... Looking, Lusting, and Laying Hold of it.  It all starts with the looking... I guess we had better watch what we are watching!!  O be careful little eyes what you see...

5) WRITING AND READING.  Twice, Joshua wrote out all of the word of the law on stones for the people of Israel, and once he read every word of the law to them. (chapter 8:32 wrote; chapter 8:35 read; chapter 24:26 read it again!)  Praise God we have the writing in our Bibles, and we can do the reading of it!

6) FIGHTING FOR THEIR ALLIES.  In chapter 10, the people of Gibeon (who had a treaty by deception with Israel, but none the less a treaty) were attacked by their neighbors who saw them as having sold out to the Israelites.  Here when Joshua hears the news he gathers men and run all night to their rescue and fight their battle for them.  It is here that the sun stands still for a day while they fight their friends enemies.  I guess from this we as a nation have always fought our allies battles taking the example of Joshua and Gibeon. 

Well, it's Sunday, and I have to get ready and get to go to church!!  Praise God.  Se you tomorrow.   Pastor Mike Mutchler...  Happy Mother's Day.. Mom, and all of you other Moms out there!!

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