Monday, May 23, 2011


Today is Monday.  We had such a great time yesterday with Evangelist Bob Holmes.  Bob preached three great messages that stirred our hearts for God.  It was a refreshing blessing to hear the Word of God preached and for the people to get into the service with Amens sounding out all over.  What a blessing.  After the evening service, Bob played two teams of six men from our church.  All of these men were pretty good players, but Bob won both games.  One against six!  He did well.  We are looking forward to helping Bob reach the public school teens in our area.  Today I am in Judges again and here are a few thoughts:

1) HOW DO YOU WANT US TO RAISE THIS CHILD?  This is the question that Manoah was asking an angel of God.  Manoah was the father of Samson, who was an answer to prayer by his father and mother.  In Judges 13:12, Manoah asks "How shall we order the child, and how shall we do unto him?"  What a good thought to ask God how to raise our children.  God gives us children, and God knows how they should be instructed.  Samson didn't turn out just like his parents had hoped, but not because of their failures.  They sincerely asked God for direction, and God gave direction, and they followed the directions.  Ask God how to raise your children too!

2) NO KING- Judges 17:6 says:  "In those days there was no king in Israel, but every man did that which was right in his own eyes."  So sad that people did not have leadership, and did not follow any that they did have.  They made themselves their own authority.  This is not wise to do at all.  We must follow godly leadership, and realize that the Bible promotes it for a reason.  We need leaders!  Israel had to king and so every man became their own king and did what they felt was right.  Though they did what they felt was right, they were so wrong.  Our own feelings betray us.  Let us go by God's Word, and not our feelings!

Well, just two thoughts today.  I hope you have a wonderful day!  Pastor Mike Mutchler
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