Sunday, December 20, 2009


It's Sunday!  I'm so looking forward to preaching this morning and being with God's people.  I'm expecting a great day with a large gathering of God's people.  I'm looking for some lost to be saved and a few baptized as well.  I know God can do it, and I believe that He will!  Here are some truths I found as I read this morning:

1) OUR ATTITUDE TOWARDS BEING USED OF GOD- Not one of pride, but Jesus said in Luke 17:10 "... We are unprofitable servants:  we have done that which was our duty to do."  We are not special Christians because we serve God, we are only doing our duty, so our attitude should be one of humility before our God.  Let God use us in great ways, but never let it fill our hearts with pride, only thanksgiving that God would allow us to be used.  To God goes all the glory and honour.

2) WHAT DO YOU HAVE THAT THE LORD NEEDS?  In Luke 19:31, Jesus told two disciples to a nearby village, and they would find a colt tied.  They were to loose him and bring the colt to Jesus to use.  If any man stopped and asked what you were doing, simply say:  "Because the LORD hath need of him."  Now, what if you were the owner of the colt?  How would you respond?  And before you answer, know that the Lord has given you much more than a colt to offer to His service.  What if Jesus wants your time to teach a SS class?  What if Jesus needs your finances to pay a building expense?  What if you need to go to the mission field to serve the LORD?  What do you have that the LORD has need of?  We all have things He needs, but our task is to give it freely as He asks for anything we possess.  What a joyous way to live our lives.

3) GREAT ADVICE!  Here is the advice:  John 2:5, "Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it."  Wow!  Great advice.  That advice comes for Mary, the mother of Jesus.  She tells the servants at the wedding feast that whatever Jesus tells them to do, they should do it.  Two thousand years later... that is still some great advice.  Whatever Jesus tells us to do....  let us do it!  Hope you and I will take this advice to heart. 

Well, got to go and get ready!  Looking for a blessed day and I hope you have one as well!   Pastor Mike Mutchler
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