Saturday, May 23, 2009

JOB 26

Another day on the Oregon Coast.  Today is my 34th wedding anniversary.  It seems almost yesterday I stood waiting for my bride to walk down the aisle on our wedding day.  We have had a blessed life.  God has given us four wonderful children and they were all raised to live for Jesus and are still doing so today.  I did not get to type much yesterday because I had a very swollen knuckle but now it has gone down a little, so I can type.  I read in Job today, and here is a thought from Job 26:


MAN VS GOD- Job has some friends who try to comfort him, but end up accusing him of a sinful life that has caused the tragedies to befall him.  In verses one through five, Job asks his friends some questions:  Who have you helped? (vs. 2)  Who have you saved? (vs. 2)  How have you counseled others? (vs. 3)  To whom hast thou uttered words?  (that put spirit into them?) (vs. 4)  Well, man has no answers for this, because man has not done these things.  Man has no power to give, to spirit to impart, no counsel that changes, and no words with power.  This is man!  But, let us look at God….

God sees Hell and destruction. (vs. 6)  God hangs the earth on nothing. (vs. 7)  God puts the water in the clouds and yet they do not rip. (vs.. 8)  God puts boundaries upon the waters. (vs. 10)  God's Spirit garnished the heavens. (vs. 13) and God thunders out His power, and who can understand it?  (vs. 14)  This is the difference between man and God.  Man is not a helper; but God is a great help to us!! 


Dear friend, look to God today for your strength…. He will not fail thee nor forsake thee!  Have a blessed day!

Pastor Mike Mutchler

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