Monday, June 6, 2011


We had a wonderful day at Church yesterday and it was a blessing to see God at work throughout the day.  I'm still looking forward to what God is going to be doing in our people's lives these next three weeks as we begin a spiritual journey of closeness.  Trying to get as close to God as you have ever been for an Extreme Makeover spiritually.  We got off to a great start.  I'm reading in II Chronicles and here are some thoughts for today:

1) THEN... HEAR- In Chapter 6 of II Chron., Solomon says six times that if the people stray from God, but will look towards the Temple and humble themselves, "then hear....."  He is begging God to hear the cries of His people when they sin and are punished for their sin.  God does heart he cries of His children.  It is not wasted time to cry out to God.  He listens to the contrite heart, He listens to the humble heart call out for help.  He is waiting to hear and to see.  to hear our cries, and to see our humility.  Sin should break us.  It should embarrass us, but seldom does it even shame us.  We become hardened to our own sin and that should never be.  Humble yourselves, cry out to God....  Then, He will HEAR from heaven!

2) SOMEWHAT LIGHTER- That is all that Jeroboam was asking of Rehoboam.  That he would make the load that the children of Israel carried under his father Solomon, just "somewhat lighter" in II Chron. 10:10.  But Rehoboam did not listen.  Because of that, the kingdom was split in two.  Judah and Israel.  The wealth of Solomon was lost in a few short years, and Rehoboam forsook the LORD God of Israel.  All he had to do was make the load "somewhat lighter".  God seldom has BIG requests out of us, but He brings requests for us to be "somewhat" different.  How often we too reject His leadership.  Let that not be the case in our lives today or this week!

Well, I have to go downtown today and see if they want me to serve in Jury Duty.  I have much to do this week, but still I need to be able to be a good citizen and serve when I can.  That is my task this week to see if they need me each day.  Until tomorrow, God bless!
Pastor Mike Mutchler
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