Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Last night, we started our annual VBS with the largest crowd of children we have ever had on a Monday night.  It will continue to grow each night, but what a blessing to see so many children, almost 300 present.  There are also about 100 workers there as well each night, so it is a busy place and time.  A lot is crammed into the two hours we have with the children and the workers are all amazing!  What a team.  Today, I read II Timothy and was struck by a few times that Paul the Apostle named those who opposed sound doctrine and went against God's plan.  I call this "Naming Names".

Five different times, and eight different names are named by Paul as being opposed to sound doctrine and having caused him and the cause of Christ, grief.  In I Timothy 1:20 we see that Hymenaeus and Alexander are named as making shipwreck by their putting away of faith.  In II Timothy 1:15 we see that Phygellus and Hermogenes are named as instigating the believers in Asia to turn away from Paul, and Paul started those churches!  In II Timothy 2:17, we see that Hymenaeus and Philetus are accused of profane and vain babblings that create ungodliness that eats like a canker.  In II Timothy 4:10, we see that Demas is named as having departed the work and having loved this present world.  In II Timothy 4:14, we see that Alexander the coppersmith is named as having did Paul much evil.  Now, IF I took the time, you would see that many more are named that did right and good.  These are the faithful coworkers of Paul the Apostle.  But, it is so interesting to note that Paul, the meek, named those who were a thorn in his side and caused him grief.  I must confess that at times, I have wanted to do the same thing, but haven't.  Here is the difference.  When it was apt to affect the church and fellow believers, Paul named them!  But, when it was only against him, he let it go.  We can all suffer much at the hands of other believers, but when they start affecting others for evil, then that has to be addressed, and bluntly.  Just a thought for today!

Have a blessed day.  Pastor Mike Mutchler
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