Saturday, March 3, 2012


Today is Saturday.  I had a great time with some of our men at the Men's Prayer Breakfast.  God always seems to speak to us during this time and we definitely enjoy the fellowship.  Today, I have a truth to share from Joshua 7, entitled "Stop the Progression".

In Joshua 7, we see that Achan sinned and it was found out.  Sin is always found out, whether now or later.  It's results will always manifest itself, and the results is never pretty.  When found out, here is what Achan said:  I saw... I coveted... I took.  (vs. 21)  That is a normal progression of sin.  We see.... we covet.... we take.  Now so many sins could simply put into that formula, and the Devil uses it often because it just works.  But, as a believer, my task is to stop the sin because sin is what caused the death of my Savior.  So, whenever we can stop this progression of sin, it is good.  Achan say "I saw".  Now as soon as we notice ourselves looking, we should put a stop to it right then and there.  Sin will progress no further if we stop looking.  Our heart will not covet what our eyes do not see!  Simple right?  Well, not really.  Our flesh wants to see.  Our flesh tells us we can look and it will go no further..... what a lie!  David didn't just look at Bathsheba....and neither can we fool ourselves thinking sin can be coddled and it will not bite us.  Stop the progression of sin whenever and however you can.  Turn the other way, close your eyes, leave the area, listen to Christian music, read the Bible, talk with other believers, pray, go to church, whatever you need to do.... do it!  Now I'm preaching to all of us, not just you.  Sin works the same what for all of us and we must stop with the looking or we will covet, after we covet a while, we will attempt to take that which is not right or do that which is not right.... don't!  Stop it!  So that is our truth for today.  Stop the Progression of Sin!
Pastor Mike Mutchler 
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