Saturday, September 11, 2010


It is Saturday, and I soon must go to a Men's meeting at Church.  I am looking forward to speaking them on Saul, first king of Israel.  As long as he was small in his own sight, God made him a new man, gave him a new heart, and gave him a following of men.  If we will humble ourselves before God, He will do things for us as well. 
I finished up Joshua and went into Judges, and have finished one cup of coffee.  Here are some thoughts:
1) DIVIDING THE LAND UP- The last half of Joshua is about dividing up the land.  Having given each tribe their area to conquer, we see that the tribes did not run out all of the inhabitants as they were told to do.  They kept them to serve them, but they became a snare unto them.  They would later worship their gods, and marry their women, and later be ruled by them!  The lessen to learn is to do things God's way! 
2) CITIES OF REFUGE- In Joshua 20, we see that the cities of Refuge are set up.  These are cities that one could run to if they slew someone unawares and unwittingly.  There they would be safe from the avenger of blood.  (an upset relative)  God had a way to see that justice was done and still today His way works perfectly.  One day we will follow it to see how good it works in the 1,000 year reign of Christ on the earth. 
3) A WITNESS- In Joshua 22, the two and a half tribes of Israel, Reuben, Ephraim, and the half tribe of Mannesseh; having gone to their inheritance on the other side (east side) of Jordan, proceeded to erect an altar.  Well, this was preceived as rebelliion and Idol worship and the other tribes came out to war against them.  But, the elders of the two and a half tribes came out to explain.  They said lest their children thought they were not a part of Israel, they erected the altar, not for worship, but as a memorial to remind them that they were of the children of Israel.  When the other elders of Israel heard that, they were satisfied and left them.  The altar was called:  ED.  What ED said, was that we are a part of Israel and we be brethren.  We need memorials that remind us of God's great goodness to us!
4) TWO BIRDS WITH ONE STONE- In Judges 9, we see two evil people.  Abimelech who had seventy of Gideon's children killed, and the men of Shechem who led in the rebellion and chose Abimelech to rule over them.  Two evil groups that worked together!  But, three years into their union, God sent an evil spirit among them to get them waring with each other.  Abimelech wiped out the men of Shechem, but in the process, went up too close to a wall where a lady through a pot on his head and broke his skull.  So, two evil birds were wiped out by the LORD with one stone. (earthen pot)  God will judge the wicked, of that you can count on!
Well, hope you have a great day.  Tomorrow is Sunday and I'm excited.  It will be the 26th anniversary of Grand View Baptist Church.  God has been so good to us.  We need Him more now than ever, but I'm so glad to still be serving Him in the same Church.  God is so good!!  May you have a blessed day!   Pastor Mike Mutchler
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