Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Well, I've gone all day and now I'm writing my blog.  Here are a few items I saw in the Bible today:
1) WHO ART THOU-  James 4:12 says: "Who art thou that judgest another?"  God is the judge, not us... we are to yield to Him and let Him do the judging among us.  We cannot do it ourselves.  Don't allow yourself the time to judge others.  Don't critique!  Don't criticize!  Don't second guess others.... just keep on serving God and realize it is not our task to judge.
2) DESIRE- In I Peter 2:2 it says that "as newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby."  It doesn't say we are new born babes, it says "as" newborn babes desire... so we too should desire the Word of God!  How about you?  Do you desire the Word of God?  Do you enjoy holding the Word of God and reading it, then meditating on the truths and wonder of the blessed Book that tells us about a loving Savior?  We should desire....God's Word!
3) WELLS WITHOUT WATER- What a thought!  The Bible is saying that false prophets are wells without water.  They hold out a promise that is never realized!  They are clouds with no rain, wells but nothing to quench ones thirst!  All of this is described in II Peter 2:17.  Praise God we know that the Holy Spirit is a well of water springing up within us... it quenches the thirst of our weary soul!  Praise God!!
4) BECAUSE WE LOVE THE BRETHREN- "We know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren."  I John 3:14  The proof is in the pudding!!  Do you know of someone who is bitter, unloving, unforgiving?  What does that prove?  Perhaps they have not really passed from death to life.  Salvation means a new way of living is expected of us... one of love, not bitterness, wrath, and an unforgiving spirit.  You may know someone like that, but don't be someone like that!  We are to avoid those who sow discord among the brethren.  Discord is a note not in tune with the rest of the notes.  It is a note that stands alone and not in harmony with others.  If we do not withdraw ourselves from such, then eventually there are two notes in discord, and our lives have been affected.  The answer is this.... love the Brethren... as Christ loves us!
Well, so much for today!  Have a blessed day!  Dr. Mike Mutchler
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