Saturday, August 9, 2008


Again, I have an early morning engagement and can only type briefly what I had written down.
1-Jer. 31:23- "Set thee up waymarks"  A waymark was something that kept you from being lost.  If you went on a journey, you would mark it by recognizing the hills around you, you might pile up some stones as a marker, a boy scout might make a certain cut on a tree that he would recognize, the lumbermen of the early 1900's in the Northwest, would carry some sawdust and let it drop from time to time and so make a path to follow out of the deep woods.  When Billy Sunday saw this, he put sawdust down the aisle of his tent meeting and told the people to "hit the sawdust trail" back to God!!  It worked!  We too need "waymarks" like: prayer, Bible Reading, Church Attendance, Christian Fellowship.... these will always bring us back to God when we are prone to wander off. 
Well, I just had time for one thought, but it is a good one.  Are you setting up some "waymarks" in your life?  Do you realized every day people are getting lost in woods because they cannot find their way out?  Life is more complicated that the woods!  Set up some waymarks!!
Pastor Mike Mutchler, Grand View Baptist Church.... see you tomorrow!! (in Church, I hope.)

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