Saturday, March 1, 2008


Genesis!  The book of beginnings!  Twenty-five hundred years of history in one book!  God gives us an explanation of His creation and what is happening to it in this very first book of the Bible.  He tells how He created everything "very good" in six literal days and then rested on the seventh.  He explains how sin entered the world and the destruction it caused.  He shows how this sin affected the different individuals so that we understand why things look so good around us and yet seem also to fall apart around us.  We have a beautiful creation with a fallen creature (man).  Here is a book full of men of renown.  Adam who named all of the creatures that God created.  Sounds smart to me!  You see, man has gone backwards not forwards.  Man was not primitive when created, but genius!  Noah, what a man!  He found "grace" in the sight of God.  We too can find grace because it has been extended to us by the death of Jesus Christ on the cross.  I'm so glad that I accepted His payment for my sins.  Then the next great man mentioned is Abraham and here is where the first twenty chapters of the book will end with this man… Abram, later to be called Abraham after God makes a covenant with him.  Abraham will be the father of the faithful.  It says of him:  "He believed in the LORD; and he counted it to him for righteousness".  This is righteousness by faith… the same that we experience!  Well, I've got to run for now, it's Saturday and Men's Prayer Breakfast is waiting for me.  See you tomorrow… on Sunday!  I love Sundays!!  May God bless you today.   Pastor Mike Mutchler

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