Saturday, March 15, 2008

Main Characters in I Kings

Today, I had an early breakfast with the Men's Prayer Breakfast and then a busy day out soul-winning.  Many people came to Christ as over forty people went out sharing the Gospel.  Over seventy trusted Christ as their Savior.  In reading through II Samuel and into I Kings for seventeen chapters, I want to look at the main characters again. 
DAVID--The second king of Israel.  David was chosen as a boy and mightily used of God.  Now he is up in years and in I Kings, he passes away, but not without anointing his son, Solomon to take his place.  David has lived a full life up to seventy years old and having reigned for forty years.  My personal prayer is to pastor Grand View Baptist Church for forty years.  I started pastoring 32 years ago and preaching 36 years ago.  Time flies!!
SOLOMON--The third and last king of Israel.  After Solomon, the kingdom divides and becomes Israel (the 10 northern tribes), and Judah (the two southern tribes).  Solomon prayed for wisdom and because of that, God granted him wisdom, riches, and long life.  God values wisdom!  God greatly blessed his life and reign. 
QUEEN OF SHEBA--The queen of Sheba came to see if what was said about Solomon and his wisdom and riches were really true.  When she beheld the riches and heard the wisdom that Solomon possessed, she said:  "the half has not been told".   This same phrase is true of Heaven, the half has not been told.
JEREBOAM--After the death of Solomon, Jereboam came to the people and led a revolt to take the kingdom from Solomon's son.  Jeremoam gave Solomon's son a chance to lighten the load of the people, but he passed it up and spoke roughly to the people.  Jeroboam ruled over the nation of Israel, the ten tribes of Israel in the north.  Out of all of the kings of Israel, not one was a godly ruler.  They set up an altar in Sameria and had the people worship God there.  What happened was that they never worshipped God at all!!
REHOBOAM--This man was Solomon's son.  He did not follow in his father's footsteps.  Rehoboam took the advise of his foolish peers and the damage was done.  Now the lineage of David rules over only two tribes of Israel.  Foolishness can tear apart all that righteousness and wisdom took years to build.  Well, these are the main characters.  Next, we will look at spiritual insights found in I and II Kings.  See you tomorrow.  Pastor Mike Mutchler 

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