Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Well, it's Wednesday now, and Monday I was flying out early and could not blog.  Tuesday, I wrote a lot and then hit the wrong key on my laptop and it was gone.  I know someone else could have retrieved it, but not me.  But, I was blessed by the comments no one ever saw.  Yesterday, I preached at HAC (Hyles Anderson College) in chapel, and then taught Church Education Class afterwards, and then I had a nice meal with Dr. Wendall Evans and wife Elaine. (Mrs. Vicky and I)  Then I spoke to all of the teachers and administrators at HAC about what they could do to better prepare students for ministry.  (And, they are already doing a great job!)  Then Vicky and I went out to eat with Dr. and Mrs. Pete Cowling, and then we each spoke to the Jericho students, me the young men, and her the young ladies.  What a time we had!  It was a real blessing.  Thank you HAC and Dr. Ray Young for inviting us!

I'm in the book of JOB, and here are a few thoughts:

1) YES!  That is the answer, now here is the question:  Job 22:3  "Is it any pleasure to the Almighty, that thou art righteous?"   Like Job, we are tempted to ask such a question when things are going wrong.  It sure did not seem like God had any pleasure in Job though he did his best to be righteous, BUT... God was not through with him yet!  Patience!  A virtue we desperately need in time of trials.  Wait on the Lord, and He shall strengthen your heart.  Wait I say, on the LORD.  The answer is always YES!

2) WHIRLWIND-  In Job 38:1, it says:  Then the LORD answered Job out of the whirlwind, and said,"  It struck me that Elijah was taken up in a whirlwind, and now God speaks to Job out of a whirlwind."  Nahum 1:3  "The LORD is slow to anger, and great in power, and will not at all acquit the wicked: the LORD hath his way in the whirlwind and in the storm, and the clouds are the dust of his feet."  This verse says:  "the LORD hath his way in the whirlwind".  I like to see how verses fit together throughout scripture.  God uses the whirlwind as His tool to bring His presence, His justice, and His servants to Him.  Wow!

3) I CAN SEE YOU NOW!  Trials being clearer vision when the storm is past!  Ever notice how clear the day is after a terrible rain storm?  All of the suspended particles that cloud up the day are gone.  The storm is not enjoyable, but the clearer vision is.  Job 42:5 says:  "I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear:  but now, mine eye seeth thee."  God allows storms to clear up our hazy vision.  Fear not dear saint of God.... clearer vision is on the way.  Job heard with his ears about God, but now.... he can see Him clearly!  OH to see HIM clearly!! 

Have a blessed day dear child of God!   Pastor Mike Mutchler

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