Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Today is Tuesday.  I am in Summerville, OR.  I preached there last night and now I am enjoying the preaching of others and the fellowship of a few dozen pastors.  God has blessed and it is an enjoyable time.  Summerville is about 20 minutes from LaGrande, OR.  About five hours away.  Long way, but I am having a great time.  Here is a truth for today:

GOD HAS ORDAINED HOPE- In Job 14: 7-9, Job talks about a tree that is cut down and says that though it be cut down, yet the roots will get the scent of water, and it will bud again and sprout tender branches.  The idea is that even in nature, God has ordained hope!  Cut a tree down, but it can still grow again.  Harvest a field, yet enough seed has fallen that it will grow a crop.  BUT... the application is for our benefit.  Lose all there is to lose in life, and God can still rebuild your life!  Have all wiped out, and yet God can begin a new if you humble yourself and look to Him.  Now isn't that a wonderful truth?  Yes!  God has built into His creation HOPE.  Let us never be defeated or depressed or despondent..... Hope awaits and abounds!

May God bless you today dear friend.   Pastor Mike Mutchler
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