Thursday, July 29, 2010

PSALMS 93-112

We had another great night at VBS with 345 children, 69 workers, and many others who came into our regular midweek service that we had to squeeze from 7:00-7:50.  We need the auditorium for the VBS assemblies because it is the only place that can hold the children.  More were saved last night as well.  What a blessing it is!

I'm reading in Psalms again.  It takes a week to get through the Psalms at 20 chapters a day, but it is enjoyable.  Here are some thoughts:

1) I'M SLIPPING- Psalms 94:18 says:  "When I said, My foot slippeth; thy mercy, O LORD, held me up."  Here a man after God's own heart was slipping.  (Ever know this feeling?)  But unlike many, he cried out to God.  He told God that he was slipping.  He was honest and open before God.  So should we be.  Then we see that the mercy of the LORD showed up and held him up.  God wants to hold us up too!  Talk to God about your ups and downs.  Talk to God often and you will see that He will keep you up.  His mercy can do that!

2) SINGING- We think singing is about sounding good, but God looks at it differently.  Psalms 100:1, tells us:  "Make a joyful noice unto the LORD, all ye lands." (vs. 2) Serve the LORD with gladness:  come before his presence with singing."  God equates singing with being joyful in His presence.  We need to sing for God enjoys hearing His people sing unto Him!  Singing is not about notes and sounds, but thoughts, words, and emotion!  Joyfully sing unto the LORD.  (Not just on Sundays during a service!)  Have you sung to God lately..... "come before his presence with singing".   Where is your song?

3) THE WORD OF THE LORD TRIED HIM- Psalms 105:19 talks about Joseph in prison and it says:  "Until the time that his word came:  the word of the LORD tried him."  What does this mean?  It means that when we know what God has said, but we don't see it... it is a trial of faith.  Do we believe God because His Word says it, (even thought we don't see it, don't understand it, don't feel it, etc.); or, do we go to plan B, which is to figure it out ourselves.  Thus, the Word of the Lord tries us.  Is God's Word trying you?  How about those promises you are clinging to but do not see anything yet.... hang on dear friend... those promises are still true.... it is a trial of your faith!!  God delights in our faith growing, so He stretches it at times. 

Hope you have a blessed day!  Pastor Mike Mutchler
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