Sunday, May 31, 2009

Proverbs 5

Another beautiful Sunday morning in Oregon!  Hope you have a blessed day.  Tomorrow, I will be boarding a plane for Africa.  I will be there for two weeks.  I don't know how often I will be able to update my blog, but... I hope to be putting pictures on it for you to see.  We will stop in London first, so I hope to have pictures for you of London, and then to South Africa and then to Zambia.  Not only will we see Victoria Falls, we will baptize people below them.  You will want to see the pictures that are added, so please do check in.  I will have Monday's blog put in because I don't leave until mid morning.  But Tuesday and on could be hit or miss depending upon the internet availability.  Hope you check in!  (I'm putting some pictures now, just to learn how to do it.)

Proverbs chapter 6 is a chapter of warning.  Since Solomon is trying to impart wisdom to his son, he warns him about five different things.  Here they are:

1) CO-SIGNING AND PROMISES- verses one through three warn us not to co-sign (surety) for your friends, or make a promise (stricken they hand) with a stranger.  Now, my policy on co-signing is don't do it unless you don't mind making the payments.  In all probability, you will!!  If that will get you upset, don't do it!  If you have done something like this.... you know it's true!  The Bible says "humble thyself, and make sure thy friend." 
2) DON'T BE A SLUGGARD- verses 6 through 11 warn against being a sluggard.  We are to consider the ant as an example of activity.  Even small creatures are used of God to teach us about life, and God's plan for us.  Wow!  Isn't God creative?  Poverty awaits the sluggard and that is God's answer to in activity.  Don't sit around waiting for an answer from God.... get to work, and the answer will be sent by God!
3) WICKED SOW DISCORD- verses 12 through 19 warn us not to be so wicked as to sow discord among the brethren.  Discord is a note out of harmony!  You may disagree at times, but sharing disagreement is discord!  Verse 19 says that God hates it and it is an abomination to the LORD.  Don't do it!!
4) DON'T FORSAKE THY FATHER AND MOTHERS COMMANDMENTS- verses 20 through 23 warn us to stick with the commandments of thy parents and don't cast them off.  We are seeing a whole generation of young people do just that!!   And yet these same commandments are time tested and will lead and keep them.  Stick with the stuff!!
5) BEWARE OF THE EVIL WOMAN- verses 24 through 35, warn against an evil woman.  This is an woman who would entice to do wickedness..  The Bible is telling us to avoid her, don't lust in your heart for her, don't let her take you with her eye lids.  Don't get near her, don't look at her, don't think about her!  Do this and you will be delivered.  Don't do this and you will be destroyed!  Satan will use her to bring you down if you let up your guard!

Well, these five things make up this good chapter.  Have a great day and get in Church this Sunday!  Pastor Mike Mutchler

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