Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Today, I have just a little time to type because my power cord on my laptop is at church and I am at home and the battery is low, so let me do what I can.

1) DWELL DEEP- In Jeremiah 49, verses 8 and 30, the phrase "dwell deep" is found.  Anytime there are repetitive words in a chapter or a series of verses or chapters, it catches my attention.  So did this phrase.  God is talking to two different nations here and telling them what to do in light of the judgment God is bringing on the nations around them.  God tells them to "Flee ye.... dwell deep".  The idea is that they are to run and hide very well.  But, when I read these verses I thought of the coming challenges of 2009 and dealing with the financial overload that has come to America and the world, and that the answer is for us to "dwell deep" in God.  If we make it through, it will be with God's help alone!  Through out Scripture there is that inference to "dwell deep"  For instance: Psa 107:23,24  "They that go down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters;  These see the works of the LORD, and his wonders in the deep."  You have to "dwell deep" in order to see the mighty works of God.  Walking on shore while the waves break against the sand and cover your feet from time to time will not do it.  You have to get in over your head from time to time in order to see how great God is and how greatly He can and does deliver!  I am guessing that in 2009 we are all going to get in over our heads (beyond our abilities) and we also have the opportunity to see a great God at work in delivering us and blessing us!!  God means it for good!!  Remember that for whatever comes into your life!! 
Well, just this one thought for today.  Hello to those faithful readers and my dear mother today!  Love all of you!  Dr. Mike Mutchler

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