Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Great Events of Exodus

I'm rocking slowly back and forth with my coffee by my side having looked at Exodus 11 through chapter 30.  I want to share with you the great events of Exodus:
1) The Passover-God's provision of the people of Israel was the passover lamb.  Pure and without blemish this lamb would give his life so that the family would live, and that the first born among them would not perish.  The Bible says that when God saw the blood applied to the door post, that the death angel would "passover" that house.  I'm so glad that when we trusted Jesus Christ as our Savior, that the blood of Christ became applied to our heavenly account and now the judgment of God has  past over us and we are clean in the sight of a holy God! 
2) The Red Sea- One of the great events in all of the Bible is the parting of the Red Sea.  The Israelites were boxed in, but God made a way of escape by parting the waters of the Red Sea.  No one knows exactly were they crossed, but the Red Sea is one of the deepest bodies of water on the earth with an average depth of 2200 feet!  This miracle is referred to over and over in Scripture. It not only saved the Israelites, but put the fear of God in all the inhabitants of the world.
3) The Manna-God provided food for the journey everyday in the form of Manna.  The food from Heaven as it were was placed on the ground and the people just picked it up six days a week, but not on the seventh, the day of rest.
4) The Amalakites-Here Joshua fought the children of Amalek and Moses held up his hands to win the battle.  If his hands dropped, then the battle was being lost, if his hands held up, then the battle was victorious.  His hands would get tired and when the dropped, it cost precious lives, so Aaron and Hur had Moses sit on a stone and they held up each one arm and the battle was won!  I thank God for members who hold up my arms as a pastor, it makes all of the difference!!
5) The Ten Commandments-Moses went up Mt. Sinai and stayed for 40 days!  Here while fasting, God gave him the Ten Commandments.  In chapter 20 we have them listed and the rest of Exodus is sharing what God revealed to Moses in those days on Mt. Sinai.  God can reveal so much in such a little time, IF we will listen to and observe Him. 
These are the highlights of these 20 chapters.  I'm hoping that you read some today and everyday and perhaps jot down a few of your thoughts as well.  If you have any questions about what I'm sharing or what you are reading, then drop me a note with a question, and I'll do my best to answer it.  Use: pastor@grandviewcares.com    May God Bless!!   Pastor Mike Mutchler

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