Thursday, April 1, 2010


It is Thursday morning and a lovely morning outside.  I can see blue skies with clouds in the sky.  It is supposed to cloud up more and rain, but we are hoping that this weekend will be clear so that we will have a big day on Easter.  I have enjoyed two cups of coffee as I have read this morning, and here are just a few thoughts on some of the verses I read:

1) THE PRINCIPAL THING- Proverbs 4:7 "Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom:  and with all thy getting get understanding."  We need wisdom!  It has to be a premium to us.  We have to make it the principal thing!  How do we get this?  Proverbs 9:10 says:  "The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom:  and the knowledge of the holy is understanding."  To fear or reverence the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of God is the understanding, so we get both of these as we read and soak in God's Word.  It all starts with reading God's Word.  "So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God"  Romans 10:17

2) WHAT NOT TO SOW- Proverbs 6:14 says of the wicked man:  "he soweth discord."  Then in verse 19, it lists the things that are an abomination to the LORD, and one of them is:  "and he that soweth discord among brethren."  Now believe it or not, most of us get a bit of discord from time to time.  Surely at these times we are not proud of that, but it happens.  Misunderstandings, mis information, hurt feelings, etc.  These all contribute to getting us out of harmony with others and sometimes even the leadership of our church.  But, this passage is telling us that whatever you do, DO NOT SOW DISCORD!  Don't sow it!  If you have it, resolve it!  Get back into harmony with other Christians and with your church leadership.  Don't sow it so that others have discord as well.  God calls that an "abomination"!  Don't sow it!

3) A WARNING FOR MEN- Proverbs is full of warnings for men to be pure and to avoid like the plague a loose woman.  In chapter 9, verses 17 and 18 it says:  "Stolen waters are sweet, and the bread eaten in secret is pleasant.  But he knoweth not that the dead are there; and that her guest are in the depths of hell."  It seems like fun and games, but when it all comes crashing down (and it will!) it is like you have died and are living in Hell.  Look to those in the news who have messed up their lives and marriages by their infidelity.  The women who brought them down and they thought it was "hush, hush".  Those same women are getting rich telling their "stories".  How sad!  But, as Christians, we have God's Word and the warning is there for us to heed!  Dear men, don't let down your guard and start thinking in a fantasy world, but realize you don't want to live your life like you are in Hell!

4) THE HEARTS OF THE CHILDREN OF MEN- Proverbs 15:11 says:  "Hell and destruction are before the LORD:  how much more then the hearts of the children of men?"  Here is what that means:  Since God sees Hell and destruction.... He then much more desires to look upon the hearts of the children of men.  Because He sees Hell, God doesn't want the children of men to go there!  God loves children all around the world, and wants the Gospel preached to them so that they will receive Christ into their hearts and not go to Hell!!  Years ago, someone asked me why we have a bus ministry.  To count more numbers he said.  No, I replied, to keep the children out of HELL!  That is why!  God would run a bus too if He were here to reach the children with the Gospel and keep bringing them to church.  Let us see things from God's perspective. 

LORD, thank you for the day!  It is Yours, and You have let me come into it with You today.  Help me to listen to Your voice, follow Your commands, and be used of You to be a blessing to others!  I love You Lord, and I want my life to reflect that all throughout the day.  I must have Your help, LORD, for I am weak and You are strong.  Let me walk humbly before You and men today.  Thank you Jesus!  Amen.

Hope you have a blessed day today.  Pastor Mike Mutchler
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