Friday, December 18, 2009


I finished up Matthew today and got 12 chapters into Mark.  Here are a few quick thoughts as I'm running behind time a little:

1) LEAVES ONLY- In Matthew 21:18,19, Jesus was wanting some fruit from the fig tree and it had none.  He then said that it would never bear fruit and it died.  Now in verse 19, when Jesus was looking for fruit, it had "leaves only".  We need to be very careful to have fruit in our Christian lives.  If we are not careful, we can look the part real well.  We can sing the songs, talk the talk, but not be walking the walk.  Winning souls to Christ, giving to missionaries, being a part of an effort to reach others for Christ is all a part of the fruit.  Let us not be "leaves only" Christians!

2) WRONG ATTIRE- While many debate the issue of whether or not God's Word even cares about what we wear or not.  (Let me say as one who reads his Bible, it mentions it many times and is quite concerned about it.)  Here in Matthew 22, Jesus gives a parable where the attire is very important.  In verse 12, it says:  "Friend, how camest thou in hither not having a wedding garment?"  The next verse tells us that he was cast in outer darkness.  This means that we had better be clothed in the robes of righteousness provided by Jesus Christ!

3) THE DISTANCE PRODUCED THE PROBLEM- What a problem Peter got himself into... denying the Lord Jesus Christ and with cursing.  Wow!  Who would have ever thought it of such a disciple as Peter?  Well, here is where it all started:  Matthew 26:58  "But Peter followed him afar off...."  Yes, our distance from Jesus produces terrible problems in our lives.  Let us vow to stay close to the Savior.  Love you Lord, and what to stay close to you today, and every day!

4) HOW TO HANDLE SUCH A ONE- In Mark five, we have the demon possessed man with legion.  How do you handle such a one?  They could not bind him, they could not tame him, they saw him cutting himself, and they heard him crying!  Jesus knew what would work... convert him!  Yes this man became a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ!  This is God's plan to handle every lost soul.

Well, hope you have a blessed day!  Pastor Mike Mutchler
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