Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ecclesiastes-Song of Solomon-Isaiah

Today is Tuesday and I'm looking forward to seeing what God has in store for me today.  I'm hoping to accomplish a great deal.  Hope you have a full day as well.  Here are some thoughts from reading today:

1) LOOKING FOR A GODLY WOMAN- (hard to find)- Hey, I didn't say that, but God's Word does!  Prov. 31:10- "Who can find a virtuous woman?"  (That is a question, not a statement!)  then it goes on to say: "for her price is far above rubies." Rubies are the rarest gem there is... rarer than diamonds by far.  Now, Solomon knew something about women, but I'm not sure he found his in church either.  But also in Ecclesiastes 7:28 it says: "Which yet my soul seeketh, but I find not:  one man among a thousand have I found; but a woman among all those have I not found."  Solomon is saying that he could not find such a woman.  Perhaps that is why his sons turned out bad!  It takes a good woman to raise good children.

2) A LITTLE FOLLY CAUSES A BIG STINK-  In Eccl. 10:1 it says: "Dead flies cause the ointment of the apothecary to send forth a stinking savour:  so doeth a little folly him that is in reputation for wisdom and honour.  A little folly can stink like dead flies!  Please don't catch yourself giving into folly!  OR, perhaps I should say, do catch yourself before you get into a little folly, because a little folly can produce a great, big stink!!  A stink that will not soon go away from your life.  Like getting sprayed with a skunk.  You may walk away, and you may have killed the skunk, but the stink is going to be with you a long while and your clothes just got ruined!

3) THE ROSE OF SHARON- Jesus is the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys.  This is what S of S 2:1 tells us!  The Song of Solomon is a love story that also tells us the love between the church and our Savior.  With that in mind it is a beautiful thing. 

4) A WORD ABOUT LOVE- Song of S 8:7 says: "Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it: if a man would give all the substance of his house for love, it would utterly be contemned."  Love is just that great!  What a beautiful verse in describing love.  We ought to have that love for our LORD, our mates, our children, our loved ones, and fellow Christians!!

5) SAD, BUT TRUE!- Isaiah 5:14 says "hell hath enlarged herself"...   It is sad, but true that while this world is getting more and more populated, that hell hath enlarged herself because a smaller percentage is being saved!  This is why we must go out on a regular basis to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He wants all to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth, but that is not happening!!  We need to go, not expect them to come!  Here is another verse: Isaiah 14:9 "Hell from beneath is moved for thee to meet thee at thy coming."  Hell hath enlarged herself, and she is coming in the unsaved direction!!

Well, hope you have a blessed day.  Pastor Mike Mutchler
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