Friday, January 13, 2012

A god to Pharaoh?

Today is Friday.  Sure looking forward to a great weekend.  Today I'm in Exodus, and here is a thought to share:

A god to Pharaoh? - God told Moses in Genesis 7:1 "And the LORD said unto Moses, See, I have made thee a god to Pharaoh:  and Aaron thy brother shall be thy prophet."  God made Moses as a god to Pharaoh.  Wow!  What does that mean?  Well it doesn't mean that Pharaoh was supposed to worship Moses.  God alone is to be worshiped!  But it means that when Pharaoh looked at Moses, he was looking at God's representative.  He was God's spokesman, God's ambassador!  And... so are we.  Does the world see us as God's representatives?  Do they see Christ in us?  That is the real question and speaks to the heart of the matter.  Christ is our Master, our Savior, our LORD.  We are to reflect Him properly to a lost world.  Just as Moses stood before Pharaoh, we are to stand before a lost world and express who Christ is.  Moses was to speak what God said speak and to do what God said do.  We too are to do what Christ says do, and to say what Christ says to say.  We are His, and He is ours!  We must look to Christ for strength, just as Moses did to stand before Pharaoh.  In this great task, we are not sufficient for the task.  Like Moses, we do not measure up.  Moses told God several times that he was not qualified, and not capable.  We feel the same way, but God told Moses what to do and then he told Moses that He would strength Moses and give him help.  God wants to help us too.  Help us LORD!

Pastor Mike Mutchler
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