Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nugget of Truth from Exodus 28

Today is Tuesday.  I have a few appointments and then I will enjoy a lunch at Claim Jumpers with 40 of our Prime Time with Pastor group.  It will prove to be a great time.  I am looking forward to it today.  This morning, I was reading in Exodus, and I slowly went through the tabernacle underlining each of the building materials and when I got to chapter 28, it deals with the garment that Aaron and his sons were to wear as the priests.  It was so interesting, and finally it dawned on me concerning several of the items that Aaron was to wear.  I'll call this thought:  The Shoulders, The Heart, and The Head. 

On the Shoulders, there were two plates made of gold.  On these plates were six of the twelve tribes of Israel.  They were listed in birth order, six on one plate, and six on the other.  These two plates were on the shoulders of Aaron and his sons.  It was a reminder that they were to carry the weight of the children of Israel.  The priests carried the weight of the people's burdens.  Pastors do that today as well.  They care about their people, and the weight of their trials, sorrows, and set backs weigh heavy upon them.  Just today I learned of a members dear mother going to heaven after a long fight with cancer.  Her mother was younger than I am, but now she is gone.  Praise God for Heaven.  But I am thinking of this young couple losing their Mother and Mother-in-Law.  The weight that we carry can seem too much at times, but we too must remind ourselves.... casting all you care upon Him, for He careth for you!  I could share with you care after care for our people, but only God has shoulders big enough to handle them all.  The priests were to carry a physical reminder on their shoulders of the cares of the people, and the weight it comes with in being a priest.

On the Heart, there was another plate of gold.  Eighteen inches by eighteen inches.  A big plate.  On this plate were four rows of precious stones.  Three to a row.  They are all listed, and they are valuable, precious stones.  On each of these stones were engraved a name of one of the tribes of Israel.  This is called the breastplate of judgment.  Here we see that the tribes of Israel were near to the heart of the priest.  Not only did he bear their burdens, and the weight of the children of Israel, but he loved them!  They were near and dear to his heart.  This was a physical reminder that it is not just about the load you carry, but why you carry that load.... you love the people!  As a pastor, I am so glad to love the dear people I get to pastor.  I want to love them, and I want them to know that I love them!  I want to tell them, to show them, to illustrate to them my love for them.  They are not my people, but God's, but I love them.  I carry their names engraved upon my heart.  So does every good man of God.

On the Head, there was a plate of pure gold.  It is called a "mitre", and "the holy crown".  It was a plate of gold that was held upon the forehead of the priest by blue lace that wrapped around the head to hold it in place.  On this plate of gold, it read:  "HOLINESS TO THE LORD".  All in Capitals!  This is a constant reminder that though we carry the weight of the people and their burdens, and though we have their names close to our heart, that our minds are to dwell on God!  Only as our minds dwell on God do we have any answers for the needs of the people.  Only as God remains our constant focus do we have the wherewithall to be of help to the dear people we love and bear burdens for.  So every pastor should focus his mind upon the LORD Jesus Christ each day and do his best to keep it there.  What a wonderful physical reminder.... HOLINESS TO THE LORD!! 

Well, that is the thought for today... The Shoulders, The Heart, and The Head.  It blessed my heart.... that will preach!  Have a blessed day!  Pastor Mike Mutchler
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