Saturday, October 24, 2009

I & II Corinthians

It is Saturday, and in just a little while, I get to go and teach our men and enjoy prayer time and a great breakfast together with them.  This we have been doing for many years now.  We look forward to this time together.  Today, my wife comes home from a conference in Hammond, IN, and I am looking forward to having her home.  Tomorrow is Sunday, and I'm so looking forward to.  I'm in I and II Corinthians, and I just erased everything again, so here are just a few highlights of the things I shared that got erased:

1) OUR LOVE IS KNOWN- I Cor. 8:3 tells us that if we love God it is known of us.  In other words, we don't have to tell everyone how much we love God, it will be known of us IF we indeed love God.  Others will see that in our lives.  Oh, that others could see what we want God to know of us.

2) MOTIVATION- Paul's motivation was to see people saved!  In I Cor. 10:33 we see this mentioned.  Our motivation should also to be to see people come to faith in Christ.  To this endeavor, I strive each week to share Christ with the lost in our area.  And, I each week give so that others throughout the world may know of our precious Savior.  I give more that a very nice car would cost each month, because my motivation is that souls will be saved throughout this world.  Let this motivate all of us.

3) TITHING- Tithing is taught throughout the Bible!  That is a fact.  But tithing is only the beginning for a Christian.  I have been giving much more than a tithe since I was a Bible College student over 36 years ago.  In I Cor. 16:2 we have some instruction:  When (first day of the week); Who (let every one of you); How Much (as God hath prospered him).  And in II Cor. we see that chapters 8, 9, and 10 are concerned with Christian giving.  These whole chapters are given to teach us how to give.  Our tithes and offerings help to reach a world for Christ.  Let us give freely, and according as God has prospered us.  (proportionate giving)  *The tithe was proportionate giving (10% of what one made whether the amount was large or small).

Well, just finished writing something AGAIN... One day I will learn to type without hitting some key that erases everything.  If I wrote in a document I could get it back, but I'm writing in Yahoo Mail, and it doesn't keep it when some key is hit.  I hope one day, I will learn.  Until then, May God bless you and have a great day SUNDAY!!!    Pastor Mike Mutchler
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