Monday, June 15, 2009

Matthew from Oregon!

I'm home!  Praise God for a wonderful service yesterday!  My, how good God was to our church.  Several souls saved, several baptized, and several joined the church.  A great crowd, and a wonderful spirit.  So many, many blessings!

I started reading in Matthew chapter 26 and here is one thought in this long chapter full of great truths: 
A MEMORIAL TO HIM BECAME A MEMORIAL OF HER- In verses 7-13, we see a woman who comes with the alabaster box of very precious ointment and pours it on Jesus' head.  The disciples thought and said:  "What a waste!", but Jesus said it was for His burial.  Then Jesus said that wherever the gospel is preached, this act of hers would be preached also, and would become a memorial of her.  She gave what she had to be a memorial of Christ, but Christ allowed it to become a memorial of her!  I just came back from Africa, and while in Zambia, I saw many statues of David Livingstone.  I went through the mussium for him at Livingstone, Zambia.  David Livingstone was captured for Christ by a comment from missionary Robert Moffat (1795-1883) who was a Scottish pioneer missionary to South Africa who arrived in Cape Town in 1817.  He said he saw the campfires of a thousand villages that had never heard the name of Christ.  David Livingstone gave his life to share Jesus Christ with the natives of Africa.  It cost him everything.... and he gave it gladly.  Today, his memorials are all over the country of Zambia, and his tomb is in Westminister Abby in London.  (I saw it!)  WE do not waste our lives when we give it totally and unreservedly to Jesus Christ.... we invest it wisely!!  Please give all you have to Jesus and you will one day be a memorial in Heaven if not on earth. 
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