Saturday, June 7, 2008

Saturday Morning in Jeremiah

It's Saturday morning, and I'm on my way to a prayer breakfast where I will teach men some principles about being a godly man from Proverbs.  I'm looking forward to it.  This morning I read in Jeremiah and here are just a few thoughts that jumped out at me as I read:
1) WHY CHANGE? Jer. 2:36 says: "Why gaddest thou about so much to change thy way?"  Why not stay the same with God?  Why do we seek to alter our course and then complain that we do not wind up at the same destination.  If we want to be pure, we must follow that course and not change our convictions and standards.  Why give into change in the first place?  The answer is that we follow our flesh instead of our spirit.  Decide to stay the same.
2) MY GOAL- Jer. 3:15 says: "And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding."  This is my goal; to be such a pastor!!  I hope that is what I have been and I will keep striving to be just this.
3) MUST BE IMPORTANT- Jer. 7:4 says: "The temple of the LORD, The temple of the LORD, The temple of the LORD,.."  If God's Holy Word says "the temple of the LORD" three times in a row, then I'm thinking that God thinks the "temple of the LORD" is important!!  I also believe that God feels this way about the church as well.  Just as the temple was exalted in the Old Testament, the Church is to be in the New Testament!
4) EGYPT, THE IRON FURNACE- Jer. 11:4 calls Egypt the iron furnace.  It was here that the children of Israel went through the fire; but also there where they called upon the LORD and He delivered them.  The furnaces of life are not desirable, but they are necessary.  We get better only as we go through the furnace, not through years of ease. 

Well, got to go for now.  Have a joyous day in the Lord!  Pastor Mutchler

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